Wicca Magick

by admin on December 16, 2011

Wicca Magick

Wicca Magick

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Is Wicca and magick real?

I’m reading a novel called ”Sweep” it’s about a girl who discovered that she’s a blood witch, and wicca and magick (NOT magic ) is in her blood .

Is wicca real ?

I am a Wiccan… and I have read Sweep.

Wicca is real…

but much of what Sweep depicts is not.

There are no clans, no such thing as blood Witches, no such thing as a Witch’s councel, no such thing as magical “powers” that only certain people inherit genetically, and magic does not work in real life the way it works in Sweep.

My religion is very real and very meaningful.

But it is nothing nothing nothing like what is written in Sweep.

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