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by admin on June 23, 2009

Spell Potion

Spell Potion

Wow Druid Spells – Cooker Move

The beauty of playing a Druid in the World of Warcraft is there are so many variations on how the class can really cause some massive damage. If you are running a Balance Druid then you know how much fun it is to simply mess up something wicked bad with a good spell combination. Maybe a couple of Wraths, a Moonfire, and maybe a nice critical Starfire? Mmmm…thats just good stuff right there.

There are, however, times where we need to slow things down a bit. Maybe you are tangling with something thats higher level than you are, or youve been knocked around pretty good and just need some time to heal up, mana regen or re-buff. These situations are where you might want to put your enemy in the Cooker for a while.

The Cooker is simply a combination of spells that does two things. First of all it keeps the mob off you for a while (how long depends on your level) and secondly it does some good damage at the same time. The example below is the full blown version for when you are about to die a miserable death. Feel free to add or remove steps as you see fit!

Start off with a Cyclone on your enemy which will totally immobilize him for 6 seconds. (Keep in mind here that if you are in a Player vs. Player situation it is possible that the other guy may be able to break the Cyclone spell however in PvE you should be good in most situations.) Immediately cast a Regrowth and Lifebloom followed by a Root. The timing on this should work out so the Root lands just after the Cyclone finishes up.

So, you’ve got a couple of heal over time (HoT) spells ticking away and your enemy is rooted starting at you and taking a bit of damage. Next cast an Innervate on yourself to get that mana pool filled back up. Check your health. Need more? Now is the time to either banadage if your mana is low or acst another healing spell. All set? Now is the time to cast Insect Swarm followed by a Moonfire. Chances are the root will not break with the Moonfire, but it might (especially if it crits). Assuming that the root holds you’ll start to see the damage really stat to add up. With all the damage numbers floating up off the mob it will look like steam rising off a stove hence cooker.

Now keep an eye on the timer for the Root spell. Hows your mana? If you need more after the Innervate either pop a Mana potion or sit and drink for a few seconds. At this point cast a Faerie Fire. Now, if you are a Moonkin with Trees you want to drop them before the root spell breaks. Get those leafy little bastards over there beating on the mob! You are looking for the trees to take the aggro once that root spell breaks. If your Druid is of the Feral persuasion drop down into Bear or Cat and youre ready to get back in there.

The whole point of this move is to give you time to fix your health and/or mana situation while bleeding some health off of you enemy. You come out stronger and they come out weaker!

About the Author

Bill spends way too much time running his Druid around the Battlegrounds and adding to his website at WoWDruid.com. Bill shares tips and tricks on running Druids in the World of Warcraft.

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