Sampler Kit

by admin on March 20, 2011

Sampler Kit

Sampler Kit

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Hardware or Computer for music production?

What are the pros and cons of having hardware? I make beats using Reason and FL Studio and was wondering whats the point of spending $300+ on a drum machine, $500+ on a keyboard.. and so on.. when i can just use my computer with Reason and FL. Why get a drum machine with preloaded sounds (like the XR-20) when i can just download kits for free on the net? why get a sampler like an MPC or something when i can just chop and slice in fl and reason then use a midi controller to make a pattern? Why get a any sort of synth when i can just use a VST plug-in? Please help! any input is appreciated!

This is purely a matter of personal taste. Everyone develops their own methods and equipment preferences as they learn to record. Each has its advantages and disadvantages. Personally, I like hardware, but 13 synthesizers are taking up a lot of space. One big advantage of hardware is instant hands-on control that you miss out on when just clicking a mouse. There’s something satisfying about having knobs to grab and twist. Also, there is actually a difference in sound; particularly with analog models. For example, Arturia’s Minimoog V is a great piece of software that does a passing job emulating the original Minimoog, but it lacks the warmth and quirky nuances that made the original so great. Ultimately, though, the average listener is not going to be able to tell if you used hardware or software. Even as a hardware junkie, I’ll admit that I use software to record, and even use VST plug-ins sometimes.

Ultimately, it’s about making music and having fun, and the method doesn’t actually matter. But if you’d like to read some seriously in-depth discussions concerning hardware vs. software, check out and browse around. You’ll find more pros and cons about both sides than I have room to discuss here. I’ve been on that forum for a few years, and I’ve learned a lot.

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