Rune Wicca

by admin on October 26, 2007

Rune Wicca

Rune Wicca

Witch School Reviews The Myriad Of Ways To Learn

Among the myriad ways in which people can learn witchcraft are with the help of books, covens and local as well as online witch schools.

For those who would prefer to achieve the mastery of witchcraft without putting up a lot of money, books may be the best medium of study. There are several books that may be bought online and comes cheap especially if they are used. One can also visit the local used book stores and occult stores in search for good, informative and inexpensive witchcraft treasures.

The next step would be to find out if there are covens in your area. Online websites such as and others can help you find covens in your area. Most covens do not accept money, but they will help initiate you into witchcraft. You will have teachers to help answer your questions and guide you in the proper direction so that you will emerge as a leader in the same tradition by staying with the coven.

Another method of learning witchcraft is by searching for online schools. There are schools teaching various witchcraft styles and methods. Many of them offer many choices to the students. Since the web surfers come in all levels of knowledge and many different backgrounds, these classes are organized in several ways. Some are students for a lifetime and others pay annually or monthly to get updated information. Classes are conducted on various subjects such as Qaballistic Tree of Life, Ancient Druids and Celts, Ancient Egyptians, Etruscan Civilization, Aromatherapy, Spell writing, Vodou, Correllian Wicca, Crystal and Gem magick, Goddesses, Grimoires, Runes, Magickal cooking, Scrying, Sance, etc. is another website where one can login and study about Wicca. The lessons are arranged so that a beginner to Wicca can easily move from one lesson to the next when they are ready. They start with basic information such as “What is Wicca”, “What do Wiccans do?” to Sacred space, Introducing the Elements, etc.

Esoteric School of Shamanism and Magic is an online school (and store) that offers basic classes for beginners in Shamanism. This school focuses on Wicca spells, astral projection, native American spirituality, elemental magic, candle magick, etc.

Last but not least is Rose Ariadne’s Witchcraft Academy. Rose Ariadne has been practicing witchcraft for over 25 years. She is very accessible through her website . Her Witchcraft Academy is a complete course in Witchcraft with extremely detailed instructions on finding your inner sacred space, determining your outer sacred space, how to cast a circle, how to close the circle, etc.

About the Author

Rose Ariadne has been practicing ancient forms of Witchcraft for over 25 years. Get more info about witch schools here:

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046 – How to Read Runes

Wicca is a joke?

Spells, wands, runes, magic books, rituals – In short, lmao. Sounds more like Harry Potter than a religion. I challenge anyone to post a link that has a clip of a “spell” being performed where I can actually see the spell take affect. You’ll probably reply with something like “Wiccan spells can’t be seen with the blind eye”. Well what proof is there that these “spells” work then?

none your right

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