Resin Incense

by admin on October 30, 2010

Resin Incense

Resin Incense

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Burning Incense Resin

I bought a Myrrh Resin but its got a yellowish colour?

Im just worried if I picked up the wrong one, I bought an incense, thinking its Myrrh Resin but it has a yellowish colour. Not sure weather its Myrrh or Frank Resin. I want to use Myrrh Resin to make a Massage Oil. If it isnt Myrrh and is frankincense Can I still use to make the massage oil. The recipe only says Myrrh. no mention of frankincense thanks. The place I bought it from the guy said it comes in variety of colours, their is a few darker stones. He did say its oily. Did I buy the right one he said I did but im still not sure. Its got a yellowish colour, and the google images arent yellow, its a mixture of colours. It was picked from saudi arabia to what I was told.
anyone? now anything abouts these incense.

You can make massage oil from either but without being able to see it myself I cannot tell if you in fact bought the wrong one.

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