Quartz Gemstone

by admin on October 8, 2010

Quartz Gemstone

Quartz Gemstone

There are several pink semi-precious stones which exude beauty, elegance and style and some of them are Rose Quartz, Rhodonite and Rhodochrosite. With their attractive pink hues, how exactly would you be able to know if their composition is as good as their outer appearance. Here are the physical and spiritual properties of Rose Quartz.

Rose Quartz is considered to be one of more common chemical compounds. The pink coloring of this stone is because of the impurities of titanium. This stone could be found almost everywhere in the world, however the largest deposits are found in South Africa, Brazil and Namibia.

Rose Quartz has no cleavage, meaning if the stone is hit, the result is unpredictable. It has a white streak. It is also referred to as the “Love Stone” or the stone that represents unconditional love for yourself, your family or for your special someone. It is also used to attract love and for love spells. It is also known to have the power of inducing gentleness and is used for medical conditions such as cardiovascular disorders, headaches, fertility migraines, sexual dysfunctions and migraines. It is also believed to slow aging.

In its crystal form, it is also called Pink Quartz and its hue is believed to have become so because of trace amounts of aluminum or phosphate. Additionally, the crystal’s color is photosensitive and is subject to fading.

Though Rose Quartz is not a very popular gem, this semi-precious stone is usually found a bit too cloudy and is not that clear to be made and cut as a gemstone. Rose Quartz is commonly carved into figures like hearts or people.

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where can i find nice gemstones?

im a collecter iv got amethyst, turquoise ,quartz lots but i just really need to find some more gemstomes to complete my collection and i live in hampshire so please dont tell me theirs some good stones in america, austraila ect.

There are only few gem dealers on the Internet who specialize in the loose gemstones.

1. Multicolour gems http://www.multicolour.com/
( they have huge selection of rare and valuable gemstones)

2. Icgems http://www.icgems.com/
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Both traders based in Bangkok, run by westerners, speak english and actually answer emails. Delivery from Bangkok to Hampshire will be probably faster and cheaper than from London. Sad, but true.


– Avoid Ebay. Mostly crooks, and re-sellers of junk.
– Avoid GemTV. It’s original Thaigem.com and they sell reall junk mounted in horrible quality jewellery.

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