Quartz Crystal

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Quartz Crystal

Quartz Crystal

Uses Of Silica And Quartz Crystal

Plenty of silica is available on the earth’s crust. Silica is considered to be one of the most common mineral which we are able to find in a huge quantity on and below the surface of earth. Mainly, minerals which are found on rocks contain silica as its main element. In many sources, silica is present viz. huge hills, sandstone, quartz crystals. It is also found in quartz sand which is commonly known as silica, quartzite, sand, flint, Tripoli, diatomite, opal, etc. Also you can find them in different forms such as agate and onyx and so on. Because of the change in color, the presence of silica is seen i.e. they are found in yellow topaz which is also commonly known as purple quartz, false topaz, milky quartz which is also known as rose quartz. It is also known as smoky quartz.

Following are some of the main uses of silica:

1. Major use of silica is done in the steel industry.

2. Silica acts as a great semiconductor. This is mainly because of the great internal electronic structure. This is the reason why silicon is used for making ICs.

3. Silica is one of the main ingredients which are used in the initial stages of building silicate glasses and ceramics. Silica can be obtained in two forms namely crystalline form and also in amorphous form also known commonly as vitreous silica. These are found mainly on silicon compounds. Also they are formed in non crystal form on the silicon’s surface.

4. One of the important uses is that silica has a high resistance to scrape. This is because the silica present is fused silica. Fused silica is the only type of silica which is pure in nature.

5. Silica is used in thermal industries because it has got an important property of stabilization in context of electricity. The main reason behind this is that silica has got a very low thermal expansion.

6. A major use of silica is in the glass industry. It is the main substance used in the production of glasses also known as silicate glasses.

7. Silica has a very high melting point. This is the reason why it is considered to be a good refractory material.

8. Silica also is a great electrical insulator. This is the reason why silicon is highly in demand in the electrical industry.

9. Silica is also very useful in organic matters. An adequate amount of silica has to be present in the body which is useful for the bones. But this is replenished by the food we eat. Also, arthritis is treated by the help of silica.

10. Also silica is used as a supplement for remaining fit also. If now supplements are taken, there wouldn’t be many problems in old age.

Thus silica is one of the most abundantly found mineral on the crust of earth. Also, it is highly in demand. It is used in electronic, glass, steel, etc. industries as the primary material.

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