Potion Oil

by admin on October 13, 2008

Potion Oil

Potion Oil

The Truth About Fish Oil and Cholesterol Revealed

With so many benefits on offer, omega 3 fish oil and cholesterol lowering is just one of many, but could prove to be one of the most important ones, helping to save literally thousands of lives each year.

High cholesterol is one of the biggest killers in our society today, with the main problem being many of us just don’t realize we have it until it is too late. If you only ever take one supplement, make it an omega 3 one!

It works by reducing the triglycerides, commonly known as blood fats that are related to cholesterol, helping to keep the arteries clear and lowering blood pressure as well, and fish oil and cholesterol lowering seem to be a perfect match.

With doctors quick to give out prescriptions for chemically laden statins pills, it would be better to prevent this situation ourselves and ideally take a high quality nutritional supplement too that contains other great ingredients for lowering cholesterol like green tea extract and resveratrol.

When you consider the other benefits you are getting including improved brain health and functioning and help in preventing many cancers including breast and colon as well as it being great for suffers of arthritis and skin problems like psoriasis and acne, you would be mad not to seriously consider taking a daily DHA omega 3 supplement!  

Since it is hard to get anything like the amount we need from fresh oily fish as it contains too many toxins to eat more than 1-2 potions a week, a daily supplement is recommended. Look for one high in the most important omega 3, DHA, as this provides most of the health benefits, so really check the label or website carefully to see individual amounts. The other important one is EPA, but is not needed in high quantities.

Look for a supplement from fish rich in omega 3 like Hoki and Tuna, and fished from sustainable sources like the cleanest ocean on earth, the Southern Ocean of New Zealand.

While fish oil and cholesterol lowering is clearly a major benefit, you need to see the other amazing ones too to get the full picture on how these great supplements can significantly improve your overall health and well-being.

If you would like to learn more about the high quality DHA fish oil supplements I personally take daily, visit my website today.






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Rich Hawkins is a dedicated researcher of nutrition, diet and the amazing health benefits of high-quality fish oil. Discover the very latest and effective omega-3 fish oil supplements Rich recommends after extensive research.

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