Pentacle Ring

by admin on April 19, 2011

Pentacle Ring

Pentacle Ring

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6” Pentacle with Red Ring.mp4

dream interpretation?

I dont remember the whole dream, and i was not even aware it was a dream until i woke up. – that happens Rarely!

I wear my pentacle on my right and and my wedding ring , of course, on my left hand.

Well, lately I have been attaching my feelings towards another man to my pentacle, but my pentacle has always symbolized me.

In my dream I lost both rings, and was in a panic trying to find them and I was crying so hard. crying not because i lost the rings, but because of losing what the rings symbolized.
but i was way more concerned with losing my pentacle, and kept looking at my right hand.
the meaning to me is obvious, in that i am trying to weigh the pros and cons for both men, but just wanted to bouce this off of someone since i didnt relize it was a dream until i woke up, it was storming in the dream as well. and i could focus on were my hands.
that last line should have read

“and all that i could focus on were my hands”

You have or are about to loose your position of authority and power. You will do all you can to keep it but it will be futile.

My advice to you is get out now before it is too late.

There is a position with greater authority and power but you can not achieve this from were you are now; your present position is keeping you in bondage.

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