Pentacle Incense

by admin on January 31, 2008

Pentacle Incense

Pentacle Incense

Jewelry Used For Aromatherapy

Aromatherapy uses the concentrated scented oils of plants to enhance the human state of mind or mood, and to encourage health and healing. Lavender, as an example, may be used to relax a person and promote sleep, while the scent of cinnamon is used as a motivator. Some scents, like white jasmine, are thought to draw love from the universe. Candles, bath products, incense and body oils and lotions are common methods used for aromatherapy. A less common but equally effective method of deploying aromas is to wear jewelry that has reservoirs that may be used to hold your favorite scents and keep them with you all the time.

Aromatherapy jewelry comes in many forms, shapes and sizes including necklaces, rings, earrings, and bracelets. Most common are the necklaces that include a locket or other pendant which contains a small pad or reservoir that may be used to hold the scent. Put a drop of scented oil on the pad, or fill the reservoir with your favorite spice and wear it around your neck to keep your scent with you around the clock. Lockets are not the only way to go either, some companies offer small vials, cords, or pendent’s that can do the same thing. Aromatherapy jewelry lockets come in many shapes and sizes. The traditional shapes like hearts, the sun, the Celtic cross, the pentacle, roses, and various animals including dragons are the most common. Vials too come with many different shapes and sizes. Most have engraved patterns to add decor. The costs of these lockets or vials range anywhere from $20 to $75 dollars, depending on your personal tastes.

Finding Aromatherapy Jewelry

Aromatherapy jewelry is not quite as common as candles and scented oils are. Not many stores stock these products so your best bet is to find a store with a New Age slant. These types of stores will often stock aromatherapy jewelry. Another option is to find privately owned store that carries aromatherapy products or to attend Renaissance type festivals where these types of products are often showcased. shopping online is also an option. EBay, as an example does often have aromatherapy products listed for sale. Wearing a locket or vial with your favorite scent is a good way of promoting good health, and can help lift your mood all day. It is a fun and very easy way to enjoy aromatherapy.

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