Pagan Spell

by admin on June 28, 2010

Pagan Spell

Pagan Spell

Ludd as an official of the Alka Antam in Cambridgeshire, England, Order of Baphomet (OOB) has compiled the basic introductory rites for initiation through the third degree of his Order. This manual is written with the premise, “If you tend to focus and draw upon the light forces of nature and the universe, then strictly speaking you have no place in the Baphomet Rule.” As that indicates this is dealing with Dark Arts. There is a structure and hierarchy that is well defined and used throughout the detailed rituals written here.

The use of the term “pagan” is a little misleading to a non-pagan, since this is about a specific group that is pagan in the general sense but not representative of all pagans. Ludd explains the relationships between the basic elements, fire, water, air, and earth and then elaborates with the interactions with “Gallas” which are spirit beings more commonly referred to as demons in other groups.

Ludd’s explanations of the history of the Order he belongs to is illuminating for both practitioners and students of religion. While that would suffice for many he continues by covering the steps to advance within this Order. Throughout the terms Order, craft and lodge are almost interchangeable, referring to the structure and practice of OOB. All these details are clear and precise with sufficient explanation for anyone to use the rites in practice. Since this is a spell book or ritual manual, the structure is in dialog form with descriptions or peripheral information interspersed.

There is a glaring inconsistency that could cause a reader a few problems. Early on Ludd claims that no one should reveal these secret rites to anyone else; then he promptly fills the remainder of the book with details about those rites. Another is that he initially harangues persons claiming to understand this without the sanction of the OOB then proceeds to state that these should be adapted to the individual’s and group’s needs.

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The Pagan Book of Wisdom & Knowledge: Baphomet Lodge by Jonathan Ludd ISBN 978-0-8059-7692-2

Review by Chris Phillips

Reviewed by Chris Phillips

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Why do people think being a pagan is bad?

Being a pagan doesn’t mean your into devil worshiping. Many christian concepts were taken from the pagans. What religion was Jesus ? He certainly wasn’t a christian, because he was the Christ. Many people don’t know that Christ’s birthday wasn’t Dec. 25, it was moved to coincide with the pagan tradition of celebrating the winter solstice Dec. 21 or there about. Has anyone noticed that the spell checker comes up if you don’t spell Christ with a capitol C? SPOOKY!

Many reasons.

The duealist mindset believes there are only two alternatives – therefore it they are Good Xians therefore anyone not Xian _have_ to be evil.

Others just consider anything that existed before Xianity is inferior and still evil.

Unfortunately it is useless to try & debate fact to folks who are quite comfortable thinking like this.


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