Necklace Wicca

by admin on May 25, 2010

Necklace Wicca

Necklace Wicca

Creating Energy Witih Pagan Jewelry

Since time immemorial, humankind has been wearing jewelry to symbolically represent Deity, to reflect spirituality and belief, to attract good fortune, to avert negative energies and to enhance worship. This age old pagan custom is still practiced across all cultures and religions today.

Most pagans make a clear distinction between jewelry for every day wear and those worn for ritual purposes only. As is the case with all ritual items, jewelry too is cleansed, consecrated and charged to serve a specific purpose or goal. These pieces gain power over time, a power that would be diminished if worn as a fashion accessory.

The traditional types of ritual jewelry worn by pagans are necklaces, bracelets, rings, garters, moon crowns and horned helmets.


Ancient Goddess statues frequently depict the Lady wearing a necklace. This association makes the necklace a very important ritual piece and wearing one during ritual is symbolic of the attachment to Her. The design of the necklaces can vary greatly, depending on the tradition, the coven or the group:

Single strand necklaces made up from natural materials such as crystals, seashells, acorns etc. Interestingly, fashioning a necklace from acorns is representative of both the God and the Goddess. The God’s tree is the Oak whilst the acorn, as the ancient symbol of fertility, belongs to the realm of the Goddess.

Symbols fashioned into pendants and suspended from neck chains, string or even thin leather strips are very popular. The metal used for the pendant could be silver, to represent the Goddess; Gold to represent the God; or a mixture of silver and gold to either represent the union of Goddess and God or the polarity of the Goddess and God.


Bracelets, like necklaces, can be fashioned from natural beads, silver or gold and could be adorned with symbols to serve as magickal amulets. In some traditions, female pagans wear copper bracelets to attune with the solar energies of the Lady or the Lord.


Rings, in the vast majority of traditions, are optional. The type of ring and the reason for wearing a ring remain personal to the wearer. A pagan working with moon energies during a full moon ritual may for example choose to wear a ring in which moonstone is set to attune with these energies. Some minority groups do not encourage the wearing of rings at all as they believe it interferes with the flow of energy through the hands.

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Why attack Wiccans and Pagans?

Why do people confuse Wicca/Paganism with Satanism?

I’m pagan and I find it to be quite rude when people ask if I’m satanic becouse I have a necklace with a triple moon charm on it or a shirt with a pentacle on it etc.

What is the connection?

Their is no “satan” in Paganism so how can we worship it?

To me whenever someone claims that I am a satanist all they are doing is making themselves look extremly stupid.

I think we need to start educating people more about this sort of thing.
Hmmm another thing has come to my attention-every answer to this question has been given a thumbs down ( I can assure you it wasn’t me, you guys have very good answers!)

but i wonder what religon the person who did that is…..hmmm perhaps a …..christian?

I think people need to be educated, and it needs to start when they are young before they can develop the bigoted attitudes of their parents. It would be nice to see religious studies taught in school that covered all religions, not just christianity. At least this way, children have the facts, and can make their own decisions.

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