Mortar Pestle

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Mortar Pestle

Mortar Pestle

Runescape Detailed 1-99 Thieving Guide For Gamers

Thieving is one of cool skill for P2P in Runescape ,and it is also very good skill to get money for your characer in the game,this time I am collecting the most detailed guides to tell you how to train your thieving level use less time,hope you can like it:

Levels 1-17

Finish the quest Fight Arena, you will receive 3,375 experience in thieving, enough for level 17. You need 5gp for this quest, some Runes/ammo to safespot the monsters, or you can just fight using general hand to hand combat.(melee) Talk to Lady Servil, located south of Ardougne to begin the quest. She will then say that her family has been kidnapped or something.. You need to go the the nearby building, the building to the extreme northeast and “borrow” the armor there. Then equip the armor and try to get in the jail building. Then talk to Jeremy, he says the guard locked him up. Head to the room to the south and talk to the guard sitting on the chair or something.
Go to the bar and buy him a Khali brew for 5gp, use it on him, he will get drunk, faint, and you will steal the keys from him. Then get all your fighting equipment from the door, don’t bank your stolen armor though. Then use the keys on the jail cell to rescue him. You will then be put to jail, go through a conversation.. Wait.. and then you will fight some monsters. After you killed Bouncer, don’t bother to kill the general, you won’t need to. Then just run away and escape, go back to Lady Servil and claim your attack and thieving experience.

Levels 17-25

Now, head over to Ardougne, time to do some skilling . Steal cakes/bread/1/3 chocolate cakes. You will receive 16 experience per successful steal, if a guard catches you, you will have to kill it, or else run to a nearby building, climb up the stairs or ladders and go back so that the guard will stop attacking you. Just keep stealing them. Drop the bread and the chocolate cake slices, but bank the full cakes, they will be extremely useful in agility, perhaps one of the best foods to eat for agility. You will need to steal it 280 times. This is supposed to be bad money but if you really want it, the gold per hour is supposedly around 50K/hour depending on the prices.

Levels 25-38

For this part, you still have to, unfortunately stay at Ardougne, but this time, you have to pickpocket warrior women until level 38. You will need to steal from them 865 times! But be careful! If they catch you, they will hit you for a certain amount of damage(very low) and stun you. While you’re stunned, it is recommended to eat. For food, you should use the cakes that you’ve stolen / trouts that you buy from the grand exchange. Trouts are relatively cheap, and can heal 7 hp. They only cost around 25 gp and are also a good food for combat as well.

Levels 38-45

For these levels, you still have to pickpocket. This time, you pickpocket master farmers! Yes! Master farmers! There are two of them in Draynor Village, and one of them north of Ardougne near the allotments. You will need to make 725 steals. The inventory should be 5-10 monkfish/sharks and the rest should be empty for seeds. Keep all of the watermelon, strawberry, and all of the herb seeds you see except for guam, tarromin, and marrentils. This will be boring, but I promise that it will be much more fun as you reach the higher levels. This can earn you high amounts of profit, up to 300K per hour!

Levels 45-71

Do the minigame Sorceress’s Garden until level 71. From level 45 to 65, do the autumn garden and from 65 to 71 do the summer garden. You must’ve finished Prince Ali’s Rescue to do this minigame, you will also need several empty beer glasses, and a pestle and mortar. Your inventory should be 1 pestle and mortar, and 25 empty beer glasses. You need to complete the maze without being caught. If you are caught, you will be teleported back to the beginning. After you’re done with the maze, pick the fruit, and use it with the beer glass to make the juice. You will then give the juice to Osman, near the Al-Kharid castle for thieving experience, this part of the road to 99 thieving is one of the more fun parts and will go pretty quickly. If you wish to pick the herbs, it will be around 150-160K/hour for the summer garden and there will be no profit off picking the fruits.

Levels 71-99

Pyramid Plunder time!! This will be extremely boring and painful to most people! But this will go very fast, up to 245K xp at level 91! For this minigame, you will need LOTS of super antipoison potions and food(monkfish/shark) for each trip to the pyramid, bring in 3 super antipoisons and 12 sharks. This minigame takes place in Sophanem. You must finish Icthlarin’s Little Helper quest in order to do this minigame. Anyways, when you’re there, just get your potions and food and get ready to raid a pyramid! Just search it until you find a mummy and talk to him to begin. On each room, at the entrance, will be a spear trap, you will need to disable it. Then proceed onto the big chest in the middle. Then ignore the urns, they are little or no experience in the rooms at the beginning. Then keep doing this until about the level 61 room, then start searching the urns, but be careful! There are hidden poisonous snakes! Occasionally, you will receive a Pharaoh’s Scepter, they are worth around 500K. You can keep them, or sell them at the grand exchange. Why are they worth so much? It is because you can teleport to the minigame with this baby! But it has three charges, to recharge it, you must use it with the Mummy at Pyramid Plunder, at a cost. You will need to pay the money some of the ornaments that you’ve looted to recharge it. This can also teleport at wilderness levels of up to 30, unlike the rest of the teleports which can only teleport at level 20 wilderness and under. Anyways, just do this until level 99, it will be pretty boring and you might be dreaming about mummies for months to continue, long after you’ve obtained the skillcape .
If you’ve used this guide to get 99 thieving, then good JOB! The profit per hour for this around 100K per hour if you include the occasional pharos’ sceptre .

Alternative Methods

Dwarf traders are also good for 90-99, and with gloves of silence and an Ardougne Cloak 3, you can get up to 170K experience per hour and gain loot such as runite bars and runite ores. However, this is very dangerous. I would call it the “Living Rock Caverns” for thieving, so if you’re not a high leveled player or a pure, this isn’t the right kind of training for you. However, this is profitable, in the time you get a pharos’s sceptre in Pyramid Plunder, you would’ve gained several millions! This method can bring in large amounts of gold such as 200K per hour.

Thanks for your reading,hope these guides can help you get your thieving level to 99 as quickly as possible!


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