Magick Wicca

by admin on April 17, 2011

Magick Wicca

Magick Wicca

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How is magick in Wicca/Paganism/etc. different from Chi or Prana?

What exactly are you guys doing when you do rituals? Are you altering your chi flow? Wouldn’t there be some physiological basis for any magick that you do?

Since nobody can ever see anything happen when people do magick, it seems like they are just feeling and projecting their own chi/ki/prana/etc. Is this true?

Magick is not a part of Wicca. Wiccans can also be Witches, but the two are not mutually inclusive.

Anyways, to answer your question: chi and prana are life force energies. They exist without conscious thought. Magick is an act that utilizes these inherent energies. This is also kind of the thought behind feng shui and yoga, the idea that a conscious action will direct these energies a certain way. In fact, many mundane tasks can be considered magickal acts, as magick has been defined before as “the conscious act of creating change at will”.
As for what people do in ritual, it would depend on who the people are and what the ritual is.

And chi, ki, and qi are all the same thing, just different pronunciations and different languages….

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