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by admin on March 1, 2007

Lot Inside

Lot Inside

The Truth About Vemma Finally Revealed! Insider Blows the Whistle on Vemma

Yes, I am a Vemma insider here to tell the truth about Vemma. I’ll bet you have heard about all the vitamins, essential minerals, mangosteen and Aloe that makes up this liquid supplement. I bet some wide-eyed person has waved a brochure in front of you or talked about the benefits of Vemmabuilder and work from home opportunities. I think all of us at one time or another has fantasized about the financial independence a home based business would bring.

The reality is that multi-level-marketing or MLM is not all it’s cracked up to be by the upline. In this economy and with rampant Internet scams and schemes, even the savvy are weary of Vemma Upliners bearing promises of hundreds of pre-enrollees who are clamoring to be enrolled in your downline and become members willing to pick up the Vemma banner and sign up all their friends and family on your behalf. Building your downline is often a slow process and while a lot of pre-enrolles may join your downline. The pre-enrollee can become a former pre-enrollee very quickly. The pressure to sign up new people to build your business is great and early on there is not a lot of money to ease that pressure.

Besides, none of it matters because the real truth is not what’s in Vemma. The real truth is neither the potential long-term benefits, nor the essential minerals that your body needs every day for health and well-being. The real truth about Vemma is the bottom line for every person you and me, because we all want the same thing in a healthy supplement. The bottom line is how it tastes. Because if we don’t like the taste it doesn’t matter what’s in it is good for your heart health.

Looking at it how it tasted was the first thing that crossed my mind. I have to admit I was prepared not to like it. It looked like vegetable juice and I don’t like the taste of that. And when I considered all the healthy vitamins and minerals that were in Vemma I assumed it had to taste bad. I wondered how I was going to market something that tastes bad. I was plesently surprised. Vemma actually tastes good! I was shocked and very very happy. My first glass was not enough. I found myself licking the inside of the glass for more.

So, you can take it from me the picky-eater from way back. Vemma is not only good for you if is good. The very definition of a win-win. But, don’t take if from me, get some and you will become a believer. Besides if you don’t like it and I am sure you will. There is an empty bottle guarantee. Vemma will give you your money back. What did I say about win-win? Try it you have nothing to lose and your health to gain. Here’s to your health.


About the Author

Cheryl S. Sims is a Dr. of Metaphysical Science and a Vemma devotee. Dr. Sims live in Ohio with her cat Finn.

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Is the summer time the mosquito season? There’s a lot inside my house. How can I make them stay outside??

I recently received a pet to take care of. He’s a little puppy and he does his business inside the house. I think that maybe that’s the reason the mosquitos are here. I already took the puppy outside & that’s where It will stay. I sprayed Lysol everywhere but It doesnt help. Help me out. Please.

Get a big fan and position it so that it blows air over you, mosquitos can’t get through it.

Make sure door and window screens are in good repair. Examine them for holes where mosquitos could enter. Patch or replace screening as needed.
Don’t leave doors open longer than necessary.
Don’t leave unscreened windows open.

If possible, try to eliminate the source. Phillip Glogoza NDSU Extension entomologist says mosquito problems will follow water. He recommends the best way to control them is to get rid of any standing water in the backyard.
Remove water holding tanks such as old tires, tin cans, buckets, drums and bottles.
Cover trash containers to keep out rain water.
Clean clogged roof gutters and drain flat roofs.
Empty wading pools at least once a week and store indoors when not in use.
Change the water in bird baths and fountains at least once a week.
Consider stocking ornamental pools with fish.
Fill in or drain low areas in yards to discourage puddles.
Keep drains, ditches and culverts clean of weeds and trash to allow proper drainage.
Trim shrubs to discourage mosquitos from resting on foliage.

Mosquitos are most active between the hours of dusk and dawn. If you stay indoors during these hours, you will avoid the prime mosquito feeding time. Keep your pets indoors too. Also, mosquitos are less active on windy days, so it’s “safer” then.

Gardenweb forum offers advice on herbal repellents. “I’ve been using lemon balm leaves [rubbed liberally over hair, clothing, and exposed body parts [but not face], for the last few weeks with reasonable success. I’d heard the recommendation for this use on “You Bet Your Garden” which is broadcast from WHYY in Philadelphia [www.whyy.org] ”

“Using an oil base, rosemary, thyme and mint. Sounds like a good idea to throw in some lemon balm as well. I bought an herbal variety called Crocodile and found it very effective.”
“Eating fresh grown garlic has been the greatest relief I have ever noticed in mosquitoe control.”

From a CNN article:
The CDC says ” oil of lemon eucalyptus provides protection time “similar to low-concentration DEET products in two recent studies.”

Maybe you could make a mosquito-repelling wreath to hang on your door!!!

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