Herb Wicca

by admin on December 31, 2008

Herb Wicca

Herb Wicca

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034 – Herbs – Part 2 – Magical Uses

Dried or Fresh Herbs for Wicca?

I am studying Wicca and am about to start my herb collection, but have run into issues with collections. First, I have THE worst green thumb EVER. Second, I can’t afford to go out and buy top of the line herbs whenever I need them (ie, to make bath sachets, or for tea if I come down with a cold, etc). Is it okay to use dried herbs? And if so, are the kind from the spice aisle okay, or is this something I should be ordering from another source?

You can use either. If you are looking for dried herbs, you can check out the spices isle at your local grocery store. There are also a few places that are cheaper online. For herbs that are used for consumption, and also others which are not, you can check out www.azuregreen.com. They are sold in bulk which makes them cheaper.

There is another place online which sells spices in bulk: www.penderys.com. They have tons of spices, all of which are edible.

Hope it helps!

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