Handcrafted Wand

by admin on November 29, 2011

Handcrafted Wand

Handcrafted Wand

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Sailor Moon crescent moon wand hand-crafted

HP Fans: How much would you pay for Harry Potter scarves, wands and pendants?

The scarves would by 64 inches long and 4 inches wide, come in all four House color combinations, and some will have the first letter of the relevant House embroidered on the edge. (Also: would the House letter embroidery be worth it to pay slightly more? If so, how much more?)

The pendants would be metal framed, with the House insignia pictured inside. They come on either chain or colored ribbon. (Would the chain be worth paying more for?)

The wands are handcrafted from real wood cut from a real tree near the wandmaker’s house, likely cherry, oak, and maple. They are between 9 and 15 inches. Some may have vine winding around them, some may have actual cores.

Thanks all 🙂 Last HP movie in 25 days!

Great idea!!! Here’s what I think:
Scarves: $25 for just the scarf with the house colors. With the embroidery, it should probably be a bit more. Maybe 27 or 30. Also, u should probably put the animal like weaving in the letter. (Lion, snake, etc.)
Pendants: $15 for this. I’d rather have it with the ribbon strap of the right color, it should prob b about 1 in wide ribbon, fit around wrist and stuff like that. For a long chain, silver i think, it should definitely be like 17-20.
Wands: That’s really cool. The basic wooden wand should probably 15. Depending on the wood also because like cherry and rosewood is more expensive then oak or maple. If your gonna have vines and cores (which is AWESOME) I would definitley charge more, especially for putting something inside them. For that it should go up to like 40-45 dollars depending on how ornate and the core inside.
Have fun and good luck!

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