Fleece Blanket

by admin on August 3, 2010

Fleece Blanket

Fleece Blanket

A Fleece Blanket: A Necessity, A Luxury, Or Both

A fleece blanket can easily become one of your favorite personal possessions. This amazing item makes a perfect gift for anyone on your gift list or for any occasion. You should certainly be nice to yourself and invest in one or more fleece blankets that are personally yours.

Fleece blankets can be found in a price range for almost any budget. Five dollars will get you a light weight fleece blanket that is surprisingly warm and exceptionally versatile. A blanket such as this is a convenient size and weight for providing comfort on a slightly chilly night. They are a good choice of cover when lounging around the house or while enjoying peaceful moments on your patio. These blankets are also great for children. They are washable and since they are lightweight they dry quickly.

A higher quality of fleece blanket may cost you a little more but it is certainly a luxury you deserve. A micro plush fleece blanket can be an attractive accent piece in your bedroom. A blanket of a coordinating or contrasting color folded and placed at the foot of your bed can add visual interest to your decor. If you have a rocking chair or bench at the foot of your bed, a fleece blanket placed there is attractive and easily accessible.

A super soft fleece with alternative down fill is an invitation for relaxation. You might find the desire to nap simply irresistible if you have a luxurious supreme heavyweight fleece blanket to snuggle up with. This type of blanket is beautiful and very warm. This elegant blanket can almost make you look forward to the arrival of a cold night.

Fleece blankets are good gifts for anyone. When selecting a blanket for a young child, you might want to choose a blanket with a cartoon or movie motif. Children and teenagers like bright colors and abstract designs and blankets that fit this description are affordable and easy to find. You can find fleece blankets with sports theme and individual team logos on them. If someone in your house or on your guest list likes hunting or fishing, they would probably appreciate a fleece blanket with a camouflage design.

Because of their beauty and versatility, you can keep a fleece blanket in your living area or even on an enclosed patio living area. It is quite convenient to have one nearby at all times.

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No Sew Fleece Blanket

I was thinking of making a fleece blanket for a guy as a gift~?

it will be of simple pattern like those tied fleece blanket… will it be too girlie? guys out there can you accept it?
how about making a pillow for him instead?

I’ve read that guys don’t go for handmade gifts.

Look for his favorite team print and forgo the fringe and ties. It won’t look handmade.

I have a fleece throw that I fringed and the fringe is aggravating when you are trying to arrange the throw to stay warm.

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