Fine Powder

by admin on November 20, 2010

Fine Powder

Fine Powder

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Fine Dust Explosion – Lycopodium Powder

Making thermite, if the alum. powder is not fine, it won’t work?

I tried to make alum powder using a coffee grinder and it wasn’t that fine. When I tried, it didn’t work. Is that why? Does it have to be really fine, such as using sand paper (for really small amounts)

It has to be a fine powder because all of the reaction takes place on the points of contact between the aluminium and the metal oxide. If there aren’t enough points, relative to the mass of the mix, it will not ignite and be self-sustaining.
I assume the Al powder is made by milling. You won’t achieve a powder at home.
By the way, be very careful of this mix! It is one of the hottest reactions around.

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