Dragons Blood

by admin on December 31, 2010

Dragons Blood

Dragons Blood

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MF Doom – Dragon’s Blood

Mass Effect 2 Blood Dragon Armor-How do I get it in-game?

I just started playing Mass Effect 2 and wanted my blood dragon armor, but I don’t know how to get it. I looked at the card for the Terminus armor and if you wanted the terminus armor, you redeemed the code then got a message on your personal computer(in the game). Is it the same deal or what? I really want to know how to get it.

You have to buy a copy of the Dragon Age: Origins and inside of the game you’ll have 2 postcard DLC stuff. One is the Titan Quest for Dragon Age, the other is for the Blood Dragon Armor for ME2. Go to Redeem Code for your Xbox Live Account and type in the password. I believe it is 25 digits. Go to Ea.com or bioware and you’ll have to make an account (using the email address of your xbox live account). When you check your status for Mass Effect it should say that you have the Blood Dragon Armor.

I have the armor and I say it is super cool looking. Looks like War Machine in a way.

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