Candle Wicca

by admin on July 18, 2011

Candle Wicca

Candle Wicca

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My Wiccan Path: Candle Making Part 2

is wicca real? witchcraft? Tell me an easy simple spell i can perform so i can see with my own eyes?

I am very interested in Wicca,
i just do not know if it’s real or not?
please no copy and pasting!
What is a quick spell i can perform?

i only have a quartz stone, candles, and some other household things.
any ideas?
is there a religion base SOLELY on magick and spells and candle spells, things of that sort?

There are no “easy simple spells”, at least not ones that you can do without even a basic understanding of the what you are dealing with. Magic works in subtle ways and some will explain it away to coincidences. You generally cannot see it anyway. It is more something you feel.

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