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Amulet Wiccan

Amulet Wiccan

Herbs and Their Uses in Wiccan Rituals

There can be some herbs that wiccans use that may not be common ones that you may have heard of or know how they are to be used. This article will help you decipher these commonly used herbs.

Cassia: More commonly known in the United States as cinnamon, the scent of this herbal spice improves concentration. It can be used as an anointing oil or incense. Medicinally, it warms the body and strengthens the circulation. It can serve as an anti-viral or anti-bacterial.

Chamomile: Often used in day to day life as a calming tea, this herb can be used for dream work including the avoidance of nightmares. It can be used in love spells and in amulets or talismans meant to draw money. Midsummer celebrations often include chamomile.

Cinquefoil: This herb is used in love and protection spells, dream work and divination. It is often used in Midsummer celebrations. It can be used in bath water to encourage dream work or put into a dream pillow. For the other uses, it can be burned as an incense.

Coriander: Commonly found in the kitchen’s spice rack, coriander can also be used as an incense promoting concentration. In spell work, it can be used in love or prosperity spells. It is also believed to have some healing properties.

Costus root: If you come across a spell requiring musk and are a vegan, the cotus root can serve as a replacement. It can be used in love and elemental spells since it is good for clarity and acts as an aphrodisiac. There are rumors that it can act as a narcotic when smoked but it isn’t recommended.

Damiana: This plant is usually used in love spells since it is an aphrodisiac for both sexes. It can also be used as a love talisman or amulet.

Dogbane: This herb is thought to be a creativity enhancer and can be used in love spells or divination work. In medicine, it is used in a tea for treating high blood pressure and depression. It can also act as a diuretic or sedative.

Fennel: A common cooking herb and tea ingredient, fennel can be used as a stimulant or in spells for courage, fertility or protection. It is thought to increase concentration and memory.

Fireweed: As its name would suggest, fireweed does well in spells involving fire. It can also be used in rituals that seek to heal the spirit after some sort of transformation.

Galangal: Similar to ginger in taste, galangal is an aphrodisiac ripe for sexual spells. It can also be used in a satchel or amulet for protection. The smell is pleasant and it won’t draw negative attention to you if carried around.

Goat’s Rue: This herb can be used in binding spells or put in a tea to ward off fatigue. It can be used as a diuretic or to clear up a bladder infection.

Grains of Paradise: Place bags containing this herb near the doors to your home for protection or carry it in an amulet for personal safety. It can also be used in charms that are used for sexual attraction.

Hops: Best known for being an ingredient of beer, hops can be used under the pillow to ward off insomnia. It cures restless feelings to allow the mind and spirit to become more open.

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How to fashion a Discordian Woogly-Woogly (or Talisman)

whats the meaning of a pagan/wiccan talisman with a pentangle & the names Hod,Cassiel & Agiel on it?

I am trying to find a talisman/amulet with a pentangle on it and the names Hod, Cassiel and agiel on it. As i dont know what it signifies and if it has a proper name, I am unable to buy a replacement for someone.
I would appreciate ANY information or help anyone can offer.

It’s probably something from the Greater Key of Solomon… a spurious book written in the 12th century A.D.

I used to be a solitary Wiccan myself. Maybe you should read about the lives of famous occultists:

Then decide if it’s worth persuing. If you want to wind up broke and forgotten, go for it!

In the 19th century a romaticizing of things Pagan began. Godfrey Leland forged a spurious book called Aradia:Gospel of the Witches that implied that witches were pagans who worshipped Diana (and Lucifer). He plagarized materials from two previous books he wrote (Etruscan Remains and Gypsy Sorcery). Although the word Wicca isn’t mentioned, it was the great-great daddy of the whole thing.
Later on quack anthropolgist Margret Murray hatched her own theory about the witches of the European witch trials actually being survivors of a Pagan cult in her books. These inspired Gardner to create his own witch cult witch he called “wica” (at first spelled in lower case and with only one “c”). Gardner insisted Witch meant “Wise one” claiming the word derives from the Old English word “wicce”. “Wicce” actually means “to bend”, and this is where the word “wicker” comes from. The word “wicked” also comes from “wicce” (as in a wicked person being “bent”).
The word “witch” has a nefarious meaning in every language on earth,including English, but for some reason Wiccans still insist on calling themselves “Witches” (with a capital “W”) and their religion “Witchcraft”. They feel that the reason people are afraid of them is centuries of “xtian propaganda” meant to defame them. But even if they went to Vietnam ( a predominantly Buddhist country) and said they were a Phuy Tay (Vietnamese for witch), people would still be afraid of them. Of course, a tiny few Wiccans have stopped calling themselves witches, but most probably enjoy the shock value wether they admit it or not.

If there is any truth to the old saying “Those who can, do. Those who can’t, teach.”, that truth is found in the occult, and Wicca in particular. Silver Ravenwolf has written close to a dozen books on the subject of “The Craft”, and claims she has been studying it since about 1969, which is almost as long as I’ve been alive. She has written a book on how to cast money spells, and includes a chapter on how to do so in her Teen Witch book. But the thing is, she doesn’t particularly sound all that prosperous herself. Ravenwolf writes,

” For years I couldn’t afford to go to a hair stylist (still can’t, it’s shop and chop for me). I got pretty good at stying my own hair from looking at magazine pictures” [SOURCE: Teen Witch, Llewellyn Publications, 2003 edition, page 145]

OK, she so rich she can’t go to the hairdresser. Hey, get me a copy of that Prosperity Spell book!

Silver Ravenwolf seems to have inadvertently discovered that Wicca makes things worse, but won’t ever admit it as such.
In Teen Witch she says

“A lot of people tell me how bad their lives have gotten after casting a spell and tell me they won’t do Witchcraft anymore. I tell them their lives would have been much worse for not having cast the spell”.

Don’t you would think a lot of people would be saying things like “Hey, Silver Ravenwolf, my life has improved tremendously with Wicca!” if Wicca is as great as they claim? Instead it makes lives much worse, and even Silver Ravenwolf admits she hears this a lot!!!

My advice would be to rethink the whole thing and try reading C.S. Lewis instead.

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