Amulet Wicca

by admin on March 30, 2011

Amulet Wicca

Amulet Wicca

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Can anymore tell me more about witches?

I’ve read books and watched shows about them. But I would like to know
more about them and Wicca because I am writing a story. Anything
about charms, spells, amulets, holidays, or rituals would be helpful.
Also, I’d like to know more about The Book of Shadows, can anyone
tell me more about it?
Information would be much appreciated.

I’m not a wiccan, but i’ve been at the witchcraft thing for a minute.

Wicca is a religion which worships a god and goddess. They hold a specific reverence toward nature.

“The Book of Shadows” is not necessarily a specific book. It is basically an individual witch’s personal book of spells, prayers, or whatever else they decide to put in it pertaining to their practice.

Spells are basically comprised of 3 parts…. willpower, props (such as candles, incenses, symbols, etc), and the words spoken (either a statement of intent, a command, or a prayer).

Charms and amulets are basically objects that hold a special power due to their composition (a symbol, a metal, or a stone, each holding specific correspondences or effects) or due to a spell that was put on it.

The holidays i’m not really up-to-date on, but the nature-based religions tend to consider the solstices and equinoxes in regard. There are 8 main “sabbats,” if i remember correctly. I can’t remember them all.

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