Altar Tile

by admin on May 21, 2011

Altar Tile

Altar Tile

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Dollhouse help (diorama doll house)?

I plan on making an open diorama of a Masonic temple. Is there some huge diorama/dollhouse catalogs I can order? Whats a place I can start looking for peoples extra stuff they may want to donate? I am doing this for a chairty raffle/auction.

Here are the parts lists I need.
Tiled floor
Single stand alone lamp sticks
Lots of chairs or pews
King Chair
4 Jack or prince chairs
Blue carpet to sourround the tiled center
Interior doors 3
Exterior door (vault style double door)
Door knockers
Door knobs
Book cases
Stone sinish for outside
2 exterior pillars
2 interiors pillars
2 Globes

i’m a little confused as to how big this is going to be, but you might want to try a store like jb hobby or michaels for pieces as you may end up making a lot of this yourself if it’s doll house sized. If you find a sort of specialty toy shop you can usuallly find tiny globes, chairs, doors, books etc, but for some of the stuff like carpets, stone finishing, door knobs you may need to get creative. For carpeting you could probably cut up a nice wash-cloth, if you’ve got some artsy skills try painting faux stone. Wall paper could be made using a nice wrapping paper and tiny candle sticks could be toothpicks cut in half and painted white. Again, a lot of this depends on size but you get the idea! little bits of brass jewelry can serve as handles etc. anyway, best of luck to you and happy hunting! i hop that helped some.

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