Tarot Card Readings

by admin on May 3, 2005

Tarot Card Readings

Tarot Card Readings

Tarot Card Readings Can Help You

Tarot card readings can be performed by using the Major Arcana only, the Minor Arcana only or the entire deck. The third variant is considered the most difficult and complex of all since it provides more in-depth meaning to the so-called divination process. The entire discovery of what we know as tarot card readings relies on the ability to associate cards, images and symbols. While the meaning of certain cards is obvious, other get most of the significance thanks to the others in the vicinity. Also known as the obscure cards in the Minor Arcana, such examples are not sufficiently explained in the descriptions available in books and courses.

Tarot card readings also get their meaningful substance from numerology, and this is one aspect on which any first level apprentice should focus. Investigate a bit about what numbers mean in tarot interpretations and start to build some basic knowledge. Otherwise, it is very possible for some details to remain hidden, and thus make the prediction incomplete. The next aspect that needs great attention for the success of tarot card readings is the emphasis on correct focusing. Remember the fact that tarot does not give yes and no replies as it generally hints and gives clues rather than refers to facts.

The position of the cards in relation with the reader proves very important;the cards have to face the interpreter in order to achieve good card readings. Reversed cards have alternative explanations when they are placed incorrectly or lose part of their relevance. Furthermore, the decks should be chosen depending on the skills of the reader since at the beginner’s level the illustrations have to make reading easier. The dragon decks are very popular for instance, but there are other sets with pictures of human activities. Once the proficiency level gets higher, you may choose from other more attractive and complex designs.

A basic question about tarot card readings is whether they work at all. And yes, how and why? Although far from considering tarot card readings in the realm of the supernatural, one cannot explain the working mechanism specific to the divination processes in very easy terms. Sometimes the revelations you can get from the cards can puzzle you by their true essence, while some other times you’ll find them too foggy to understand. Whichever be the real explanation behind tarot card readings, they definitely stimulate a psychic impulse in people.

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Are tarot card readings true?

I know it’s silly, but I was wondering if tarot card readings are true.
Well, not necessarily if they are true but if it has worked for you.
Please answer!much thanks and appreciation in advance:)

yes they can give a true meaning with the right person with the tarot cards in no it is not silly at all because you are the one asking the question


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