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by admin on June 25, 2006

Card Deck

Card Deck

The Mystery of Tarot Cards

Since ancient times, many people have utilized the Tarot for divination, fortune telling, and metaphysical applications of all sorts. The practitioners of the mystical have used the Tarot as a metaphysical toolbox with various uses.

For some individuals, who are only “lightly” into the more superficial practices of the occult, the Tarot is treated almost like a game. Gatherings of these pseudo occult enthusiasts may gather on weekends and “deal the tarot” in places and settings as innocuous as coffee shops and slumber parties. This is, it would seem, what the Tarot means to many high school age girls and certain hipster twenty-something’s.

Other individuals, who have invested more of their spiritual time and energy into the occult and the practice of metaphysics use the Tarot as a tool for reflections into one’s personal and “inner life” as well as an aid for meditation and contemplation. When used in the former respect, the Tarot serves as the diviner’s symbolic language structure for communicating with the invisible intelligence(s) on the metaphysical plane. When utilized in the latter respect, the Tarot’s symbolism is utilized in less direct ways, instead lending it’s symbolism to abstract thought processes and as a catalyst for the state of mind sought after by those who have experienced the transcendental mind states of self induced hypnotic and meditative trance.

If you would like to learn more about the Tarot and what it has meant to many different cultures, religions and pseudo religions, you should look into Aleister Crowley’s Thoth Tarot literature, as they present a lucid yet metaphysical introduction into the spiritual world that is explored and manipulated using the Tarot card deck as the catalyst or gateway. There are also numerous websites on the internet that go into greater detail into the explanation and description of the workings of the Tarot system.

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You have a 4-card deck containing a queen, a jack, a 10, and a 9. Calculate the probability?

You have a 4-card deck containing a queen, a jack, a 10, and a 9. You draw a random card, then put it back and draw a second random card. Use a tree diagram to calculate the probability that you draw exactly 1 queen.

(card 1)
… queen….no queen
l(card 2)l ..l ….. l
q… q..q….no q

only the queen/no queen and the no queen/queen branches produce exactly one queen so…

(1/4 x 3/4) + (1/4 x 3/4) = 3/8 chance

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