Year Reading

by admin on May 21, 2009

Year Reading

Year Reading

I’ll Double Your Reading Speed in 11 Minutes Flat!

Got 11 minutes? I’ll show you how to double your reading speed.  I was stuck. I had to work during the day, and sometimes at night, and I was working on my graduate degree. That was 28 years ago. I had a family of 4, a dog and a cat, a house and car – and I was burning out fast. I didn’t have a clue how to get through the vast volumes I had to read, and still work and be an active father. 

My good friend, Lee, said – why not study speed reading? It WILL change your life. Change my life? It became my life. I studied for 2 years every method I could find. It was easy to learn, and it was making my life easier. I was IMPRESSED! I was at that time that I completed my degree, opened my own practice, and showed people how to improve the quality of their lives.

Positive phrases, positive thoughts, creative visualization, self-hypnosis, and my practice keep growing until there was no room for more. It was time to do a ONE DAY seminar that included my special speed reading techniques. Back then it was 7 hours to get the effect of doubling reading speed and improving comprehension.

Evelyn Wood, the originator of the system in the 1950’s took 23 hours to teach it. It was 1980, I took 7 hours. I was making progress, or so I thought. I applied to teach at college and university continuing education departments – and the first year 9 schools had me come in and teach. It was amazing, the course I taught, Speed Reading Dynamics was sponsored by schools for grants and scholarships so that struggling students would succeed.

Later, it was published as Be Dynamic through Speed Reading.

And, soon I was playing the role of Readers’ Digest editor, and cutting this, and trimming that. It was in 1991 that I taught the first 1 hour speed reading course, 4 techniques, a little theory, some practice, and two self-hypnosis reinforcement techniques. It amazed the users, thousands of copies of Speed Reading in One Hour sold the first, year, then a contract for a Chinese edition with ESL English also, and French, German, Dutch, and Spanish.

Really bored one day, I took three copies of the book, grabbed my niece and two of her friends and said: “I want you guys to read this book and follow the instructions.”  “Oh yeah, forget the last two chapters.”  And, I took out my stopwatch and they read — 28 minutes, or less they all finished.  They all followed instructions, and timed their reading speed before they began. At the end of 28 minutes, I gave them a short reading test. They doubled or better their reading speeds and increased comprehension 5 to 7%.

Wow, I thought – leave out the last 2 chapters (reinforcement with self-hypnosis) and 3 eleven year old kids can double their reading speed in 28 minutes. 28 Minutes to Faster Reading came out in 2001. And in 2005 I was telling my story of how I developed the course to a friend and he said, why don’t you cut the course down and make it so that anyone can learn in about 10 minutes.

Wow, could that really be done?  I sat at my computer and my fingers started working all on their own writing the story, and two superfast techniques, all within 11 minutes. That was easy, then I added on how to write a term paper (thesis) in 10 days or less, and how to read a book. It was a true condensed version of what I taught at college. And, you double reading speed in 11 minutes.

So, it went up for sale and now it’s selling in English and Spanish around the world. Imagine what could be done in just 11 minutes, learn how to save 50% or more of your reading time and accomplish more in less time.

Over the past 11 years, over 100,000 people have learned these methods. Isn’t it time for you to check our and see what you can accomplish?  

About the Author

Dr. Jay Polmar, is the founder of, and Speedread America. Author of 44 books in the field of education and self-development, he is retired to Mexico to enjoy his golden years.

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2.5 year old Reading/ baby sign language graduate!

Should parents insist on reading 17 year old daughter’s myspace dialog?

My 17 year old likes to communicate via myspace. Whenever I go near her work area she will close the dialog. I told her I do not need to see it but to make sure she is not using objectional language and to use caution. Recently a relative showed me a dialog my daughter had sent to a friend and it contained expletives that I believe were for shock value or showing off, the subject matter was fine but flavored with one particularly offensive expletive. I told her I saw it and explained how now it was permanently recorded for anyone in the world to view. She keeps her stuff set to private, but who she sent the message to did not.

She has lost her home computer privileges temporarily because of her use of ugly language, but at 17 should we be reading her internet writings before she sends them? I really think not. I think reading her dialog would not be an effective tool. What do you think? Any suggestions for better parenting welcome.

Why did you read her internet dialog and punish her for it if you think you shouldn’t be doing so?
In theory, it sounds like a good idea, but 17-year-olds are sneaky. (I know this because I was 17 once and I spent a good amount of my time and energy figuring out how to get away with stuff my mother told me not to do.) If she knows you are reading her stuff before she sends it, she’ll just figure a way to show you one version, then send what she wants. What might be better is to let her know of instances where people were later embarrassed by something they put online for only one person to see, but others came to see it. For example, people who have lost their jobs because of what they sent in “private” e-mails from company computers, or photos that were published on the Internet after being sent to one person.

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