Witch Haunted

by admin on December 21, 2008

Witch Haunted

Witch Haunted

Haunted Hotels in Ireland

Do you enjoy watching scary films and think that every noise you hear could be a message from beyond the grave? If so then you will probably enjoy a stay in one of Ireland’s most haunted hotels.

There is a host of haunted accommodation where you could stay; here are just a choice few:

Ross Castle

This castle is said to be haunted by several spectres, including Sabrina and Owen, a couple who died whilst on a boat trip. An investigation took place in 2006 to try and prove the stories true once and for all, however, it unfortunately didn’t result in any substantial evidence, the participants simply all agreed that there was something there.

The Castle Inn

This Inn is believed to be frequented by the ghost of poet, James Clarence Mangan. The poet died of cholera and it is said that when he enters the Inn, the temperature drops and the mood darkens.

Renvyle House Hotel

This hotel seems to be haunted by some very determined ghosts as they still haunt the hotel, even after it has been completely rebuilt. The unexplained goings-on have included; groans, doors opening and closing without any explanation, bedsheets flying off and even hotel guests being thrown out of their beds. Perhaps most frightening of all are the voyeuristic ghosts that have been spotted in the mirrors by female guests who are undressing.

Ballygally Castle Hotel

This hotel is said to be home to the ghost of Lady Isabella Shaw. She resides here because she was imprisoned in the 17th century for giving birth to a girl instead of a boy. Lady Isabella, broken-hearted, clutched her child and jumped from the window. Today, Lady Isabella knocks on doors in the hotel disturbing a few guests; however, it is probably the haunting wailing of the baby that is heard which no doubt sends more shivers down spines.

Dobbins Inn Hotel

This hotel was once a tower in the 13th century. Family member Elizabeth Dobbin, who lived in the tower, had an affair with a soldier, much to the dismay of her husband who is said to have killed them both with his sword. Ever since this, Elizabeth is said to haunt the hotel by caressing sleeping guest’s faces and disappearing into the big chimney. She has also been spotted just keeping an eye on the reception area.

Kyteler’s Inn

This Inn takes its name from Dame Alice Kyteler, otherwise known as “Witch of Kilkenny”. The reason for her title is because she had somehow managed to survive several of her wealthy husbands. Accusations then began to spread of wrongdoing and witchcraft. In order to protect herself and her son, Alice bought their freedom, leaving their servant Petronella to be burned at the stake. It is therefore widely thought that Petronella is the female ghost who haunts the grounds of the Inn.

These hotels have a history of ghostly goings-on and prove to be very intriguing places to stay. Even if you don’t see any apparitions, imaginations can run wild and ensure you have a frightening stay at some of the best haunted hotels in Ireland .

Whether you believe in ghosts or not, visiting these hotels in Ireland will ensure an exciting and interesting time for all visitors.

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