Wiccan Spell

by admin on October 25, 2004

Wiccan Spell

Wiccan Spell

Make Free Love Spells Work for You

If you are the type of person who enjoys the make believe world of fairies and goblins, you can use free love spells to meet your prince charming. The spell might help you in leading a fairy tale life just like in your dreams.

Wiccan Love Spells


Wiccan teachings particularly emphasize the mystic associated with love spells and is noted among the most renowned pieces of this line of work. This teaching believes that you need to hold on to magic in happenings both ordinary and otherwise. Wiccan teachings date back to many centuries and the tradition has a loyal following that benefit regularly from its practice. It is believed that those who practice it are able to recognize a different side of love and passion. These followers abide by certain rules, and know by heart the rule of three which forms the base of all love spells, fertility spells, magic love spells, easy love spell, and money spells too.


Casting a Love Spell


Love spells should not be cast for selfish purposes. The free love spells work wonders if used to enhance attractiveness and personality in order to make it appealing. As long as the intention is pure, positive results would follow. It is commonly seen that spell casting works only if the benefits are for a higher cause. Caution has to be exercised since love spells cast to harm others can even harm you. Thus make an informed decision before going forward and casting a spell on anybody.


Make Your Love Spell Work


Free love spells should be cast after carefully choosing your words and pursuing it with dedication and belief. A lot of positive energy is required to cast a spell and mind you they should be casted only for good purposes. Anything negative would boomerang on you. For the spell to be effective, you need to cast it yourself rather than taking the help from somebody.


There are many love spells that can be used. Among these, binding spells are the best since they offer you protection from any harm. The principle thought of free love spell is that if your karma has been good, your spell would be effective. Hence harboring ill feelings towards others would cyclically bounce back upon you. Life is a lesson and living it teaches you many things. Understanding and recognizing the immense energy every particle on this earth possesses would aid in casting a Wiccan spell successfully.


The nature of charms included in the free love spell is more important than making a spell with rhyming words. The emotions and feelings that go into making a spell determine the truth associated with it. Thus making one is an emotional experience and if you truly want to meet the love of your life then it is better to be full of emotions and affections. Trying to develop an understanding of the universe and its energy can help in formulating your own free love spells. The art of spell casting is difficult to master but with pure devotion and faith, you can easily do it!

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Wiccan Spell Question?

I have been a wiccan for 12 years and im trying to cast a spell but it says that i have to draw an eyeball on a piece of paper. like a circle with the filling or like a eye thats the football way

That will only work if you draw the eye while whistling the proper tune during a thunderstorm. Doy!?

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