Wicca Spell

by admin on March 7, 2011

Wicca Spell

Wicca Spell

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Drawing Money Envelope Wiccan Spell Ritual

wicca – first spell is it right?

I’ve been studying wicca, not for that long and I celebrated Imbolc today. I thought I might give my first spell a try and I’m not really sure why what happened did happen. Please could someone explain it to me.

I cast a circle, burning lavender inscence (for imbolc) and then continued to say this spell:
I am warm, warm as fire
All this warmth is my desire

I imagined my becoming warm – looking at the glow on the inscence stick. I felt a little light headed but not warm. I then undid the circle properly etc. Moments later I burnt my hand on the inscence stick.
Is this a coinsedence??
my intention was to be warm…

not just for fun, its snowin outside and freezing!

I would say you a very lucky. The wording of any spell must be rigorously studied to control the lengths of the spell. Remember the old saying “Be careful what you wish–you may get it.” Nevertheless, the warning was quite gentle and I would believe your next spell will be thought out word by word and phrase by phrase.

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