Vampire Lust

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Vampire Lust

Vampire Lust

The Characters Of True Blood

The vampires on “True Blood,” an American TV series on HBO, have “come out of the coffin,” as one woman puts it, thanks to a Japanese substitute that supposedly satisfies their cold blood lust. They are looking for acceptance and transition of the Vampire Rights Amendment in a society that is still prejudiced against the life-threatening lifestyles of the living dead.

“True Blood” is based on the Southern Vampire Mysteries, a series of fantasy novels by Charlaine Harris that revolve around Sookie Stackhouse, a local barmaid who solves murders while playing hard to bite with a tall, handsome vampire.

Sookie, played with a clipped Holly Hunter twang by Anna Paquin, is perky, blond and psychic — she can read people’s thoughts. Sookie calls her gift a “disability,” one that has left her something of a recluse as well as a virgin. She lives with a dotty, doting grandmother, Adele (Lois Smith), and hangs out with her best friend, a feisty black woman named Tara (Rutina Wesley) who can’t hold her tongue, or a job, and is also something of a loner.

One of the more interesting and less stereotypical characters is Tara’s cousin Lafayette (Nelsan Ellis), a short-order cook at Merlotte’s by day, a gay hooker and drug dealer by night.

When a tall, pale and handsome stranger named Bill Compton (Stephen Moyer) enters Merlotte’s, Sookie knows at once that he is a vampire, the first to make himself known in tiny Bon Temps. She is tickled, not fearful — nothing exciting ever happens in her small, redneck community, and she yearns for romance. Sookie finds him irresistibly seductive, partly because he is the first man she has ever met whose mind she cannot read.

Sex is on everyone else’s minds, and it takes all of Sookie’s concentration not to hear her friends and neighbors’ crudest fantasies and lascivious musings. Vampires are predators, but they are also prey: it turns out that in small quantities, vampire blood has an aphrodisiac effect on humans, and there is a brisk illegal trade in V, vampire blood.

Sookie’s strapping, dimwitted brother, Jason (Ryan Kwanten), is the town’s Casanova, but unfortunately for him, some of the women he sleeps with turn up dead. He’s an obvious suspect, but plenty of people in town prefer to blame the vampires for the crimes. Sookie’s boss, Sam Merlotte (Sam Trammel), believes in segregation for the undead.

When Sookie chides him for seeking a return to the days of “separate but equal,” Sam says he doesn’t care about equality. “Give them more than we got,” he says, “just as long as everything is separate.”

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OK, serious question, I was watching a show on Vampires and blood lust?

Now, is this a religion that is protected under the laws, or is it all theatrics?

Vampires exist. It is not a religion however. There are people among us with extraordinary spiritual abilities. Psyhic vampires drain the lifeforce from humans through an astral connection. They tap onto our aura and suck life-force. So they are energy feeders. They rarely drink blood, since the blood carries various illnesses (e.g. AIDS) and it is a natural emetic. They drink blood for spiritual purposes. They have a very elite order and they have their own rules. They does not have a religion but they follow a special spiritual path towards enlightenment and immortality. However they have a Bible…lol They think themselves above common society rules and maybe they are right. It is unclear however how many vampires lives today on earth, but thir numbers are increasing faster and faster every year. The vampire community demands total loyality from any newcomers.

Awakening: “This is what we call the physical and mental change we go through in which we first discover that we are a vampire.
This can happen at any point in our lives though most of us experience this post-puberty. Please note that there are times in which blood-fetishes can be mistaken as sanguinarius.
The length of time can also vary depending on the person. For the most part the awakening happens for about 6 months to a year or two.
During this time you will find that you go through many changes, emotionally you may feel confused because you will be noticing how different you are from the people we are told are normal. You may also find you have become more spiritually sensitive, most have pyschic experiences all their lives but find it intensify at this time. You may have precognitive dreams and become aware of other peoples thoughts and emotions.
Most facts in movies about vampires are untrue but some are just exaggerated. We do have some sensitives, or allergies, to sunlight, or light in general, but this is minimal in most cases but more noticable during the awakening period.
The biggest sign you may notice is your body trying to tell you of your nocturnalness. You will most likely suffer severe insomnia at this time and this will come and go more mildly for your lifespan.
Some vampires experiences such physical discomforts as nosebleeds and mild migraines, if you find your are having nosebleeds to an excessive amount be sure to get to a doctor or hospital as it could be something more serious.
All of us experience a big change in our eating habits and may have dreams of bloodletting.
If you are also a psi-vampire than you may soon after notice people get drained around you and you may experience bursts of energy when this happens. A lot of sanguiarians do have psi cababilities but not all. Some learn to control it though others never do. There have been cases in which the vampire could actually drain so much that the person falls asleep though this is not the majority.”

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