Spell Santeria

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Spell Santeria

Spell Santeria

Historical Cuba Attractions – Guanabacoa

Guanabacoa, an aboriginal name that means higher palm grove, was founded with the name of Indian Town in 1554 southeast of the Havana Bay. Its first settlers were free aboriginal population or Cuban natives, but its population began to grow quickly with the settling of Spanish colonists who brought along their slaves, due to the fact that this village was intended for agriculture and cattle raising.

The climate and the waters surrounding the village were reasons enough for the Havana aristocracy to decide to make their residence there some years later, building churches and mansions on its streets, each of those with a story to tell. As everlasting witnesses, some of these constructions are still standing quite preserved; for example, the old Lyceum of Arts and Literature, where José Martí, the Cuban National Hero, gave his first public speech; the Chapel of Potosí, considered as one of the most ancient constructions on the island; the Parochial Church; and the Convents of Saint Domingo and Saint Francis, the latter being the headquarters of the first Teacher Training College in Cuba, founded on November 19, 1857.

Its topography is irregular, presenting vast plains which favor the agriculture in the rural zones and some elevations, mainly in the urban area. La Loma de la Cruz (The Cross Hill) with its 75 meters above sea level, for instance, is an excellent place where the visitor can have a superb view not only of the town, but also of the Havana Bay and a great part of the Havana City.

A tour around the old quarter of the town will allow you to enjoy an architectural legacy of immense value. Time, styles, and diverse topologies converge there, which gives the village certain peculiarity and majesty. The sculptural monuments present there are numerous, all dedicated to the memory of personalities that left a mark in the history of Guanabacoa.

The social reality during the colonial period conditioned the presence and development of a set of religious beliefs and cults of African origin that still prevail in our days. In Guanabacoa, the practices of santeria of the Yoruba culture exist almost intact, a culture that was brought from Africa by lucumi ethnic groups. As well, the Bantu cults and the Secret Society Abakuá are integrated in the culture, living testimonies of a very rich religious mixture. In this town myth and reality coexist; as do the dances, the magic spells and the rituals of this mixture of cultures and religions. In order to enjoy this fascinating mystic world, the visitor can go to the exhibition of the Municipal Museum entitled “A Glance to the African-Cuban World” which has two ethnographic rooms on the Yoruba religion. This exhibit is located in the Orishas Bazaar. 

Many people identify this village as “The Chosen Land of the African Gods”. The truth is that this town has been the ideal place to celebrate the Festival of African Roots, WEMILERE, which since 1989, always during the last week of November, gathers experts on the topic, researchers, practicing people, plastic artists, movie makers, dance groups from Cuba and other parts of the world, as well as other interested people who have found in this grand cultural festivity the essential nuances of a living tradition.

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