Spell Ring

by admin on October 5, 2005

Spell Ring

Spell Ring

Witch Craft Money Spell Rings Secrets

Everyone has the will to own traditional, magical, or strange haunted wicca cash spell rings. These things are sometimes called’fetishes’ by the scientific community, meaning something that is believed to have religious or magical qualities. Every religious group in the world has their own special types of fetishes, whether they want to fess up or not.

From Christianity to Paganism each belief has its own artifacts. And if entanglement with religions bothers you there are plenty of non-religious avenues to follow. Fairies and Djinn/Genies are very popular at the moment as well as anything owned by gypsies or covens, with groups of anywhere from dozens to thousands of these magical beings contained inside one special item.

If you are looking for a place where you can find these sorts of ancien and magical items, or weird haunted wicca money spell rings, I have come up with some base ideas.

These ideas will give you a good start line before actually choosing such a weird traditional, magical, or haunted wicca item before buying it.

I have bought loads of these traditional, magical, and weired haunted items, and I know from my own experience that doing the research before purchasing is the most critical step for having success with the purchasing process.

I am using Ebay as a starting point to get your creative juices flowing and finding some good ideas to begin with. I have assembled an inventory of 9 peculiar magical, ancient, and haunted wicca money spell rings items for you. So let’s get started.

Haunted Genie Necklace [*CO]’Up for auction is this extremely rare necklace of aLL powers, this necklace contains all power sorts of Genies and Spirits, it also Contains one of the most powerful genies named Alumn Jia, he is over 5000 years old.’ A 5000-year-old genie? The difficulty is that Genies only come with a 4000 year!

Weird magical and Haunted Item Number two :

Weird magical and Haunted Item Number 3:
Authentic Voodoo Doll [*CO]’This is an authentic and original voodoo doll with black and white pins and instructions acquired in New Orleans at voodoo shop long before the devastation of Katrina.’ I ponder if the Voodoo Doll looks anything like the head of FEMA?

Weird magical and Haunted Item Number 4:
If it is haunted, then it is’your problem’. So it’s a classic lose-lose situation.

Weird magical and Haunted Item Number 5:

I have had some peculiar things pop up in my photographs since I have aquired it.’ And allegedly it has influenced his spelling as well.

I know from my private personal experience that haunting for these special magical and weird haunted items that finding these special items isn’t a straightforward task. It can cost you quite some cash to get your favourite haunted item that you have dreamed about.

It is just a matter of understanding how to search for these special sorts of items. Well since I have been doing this for quite some time now, I have come up with a genius research system.
So if you are really serious about finding these special items for much less just follow the search string for my search system that I have come up with. I have attached it below within my bio box. With this search string you are going to be in a position to work out the kind of search phrases that you need to understand in order to find these special gems that you want to buy but could not afford until now!

So let’s get started just follow the search string within my bio box and start
hunting for these special magical and weird wicca spell items…


About the Author

I bought some of these HAuNTeD witchcraft Wicca money spell rings and other special haunted mystery items at some surprisingly low prices. Click here to learn more about my magical items and haunted Wicca money spell rings research system

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In Gowan Ring – Cupped Hands Spell

I need someone to cast me a lost spell so I can find someone please help me?

My friends friend gave her this ring and my friend let me where it but I lost it somewhere in my house and it’s a real diamond ring and it cost alot of money I don’t know where to find it can someone give me a lost spell that will work quick please I beg you?

Get a “pointy thing” a knife, a stick, or even ready the index finger of your right hand. (a knife only really needs to be the kind used for eating with, although a sharp black handled kitchen knife is a little more “traditional”!)

Take the “pointy thing” in your right hand, extend your arm, rotate yourself clockwise a full 360 degrees. While rotating think of the tip of the “pointy thing” as being a pencil which is drawing on the OUTSIDE walls/boundaries of your house.

Once that’s done, say (out-loud if possible) “I command that any mischievous spirit that has taken the ring my friend gave me, returns it to me before this time tomorrow. It was taken without my permision, and if is not returned in time, then let those that took it be seriously damaged”

[thrust knife in stabbing motion]
“If any helpful spirit returns the ring. I will direct thanks it’s way, and then no further action will be taken.”

After everything has “sunk in”, you are ready to take down the circle you’ve constructed. Visualise the “pointy thing” as rubbing out the circle you previous drew on the walls. rotate anticlockwise. Perhaps while “rubbing out” say words like
“The circle is moved to a different plane, where upon the words, and actions said within shall take effect”

When the ring turns up it’ll be polite to say “thank you” for it being returned.

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