Spell Potion

by admin on June 11, 2005

Spell Potion

Spell Potion

Spells that Pertain to Physical Attractiveness

Spells that pertain to physical attractiveness, like many spells, may not work in the way that you would like them to — if at all. A catch in magic is that if the universe doesn’t think something should be a certain way, it won’t let it happen. You may desperately want blue eyes instead of brown but that doesn’t mean the universe is going to obige.

The first spell pertains to attractiveness and is the most effective of those listed here. Understand that it isn’t going to change your appearance. It will make you seem more attractive to other people but that sort of illusion is easily managed through confidence or a different energy around you. The acne spell involves rubbing dirt on your face but make sure you choose dirt that doesn’t have pesticides or something similarly unhealthy.

Spell for Attractiveness

1 duck egg
1 red rose
4 cups of water


Bring the water to boil in a pan. Add the petals from the rose and the duck egg while stating aloud:

Ugly duckling I am not
Let me drink from this pot
The potion from this duck’s egg
And the petals of the rose’s lag.

Allow the water in the pan to cool and then drink. You can continue to drink it throughout the day until it is gone.

Remove Acne Spell

Equal parts:


Combine the three ingredients until they reach a thick consistency. You will be applying this to your skin so it should be thick enough to not be dripping everywhere. Apply the mixture to wherever the acne is and state aloud:

Cure my skin of spots and rash,
Please make it smooth in a flash.
Blemish vanish, pockmarks too
This spell will make my skin brand new.

Wash off the mixture. If you would like a stronger spell, reapply and repeat the chant.

Change Your Eye Color Spell

1 orange candle
1 pink candle

Light both of the candles then close your eyes and focus. Concentrate on the color that your eyes are naturally for at least 10 minutes. Imagine the new color slowly overtaking the old. As you envision this, chant “become of me” three times. Repeat the process twice.

Spell for Losing Weight

1 dash cinnamon
1 dash salt
1/2 c. water
1 tsp. vinegar
1 crystal glass


Pour the water into the glass. Slowly add in the vinegar while stating aloud:

Add to this class from which I’ll drink
The vile taste one would surely think.

Add the salt while saying aloud:

This pinch of salt to kill the taste
But of my life I shall not waste.

Add the cinnamon while saying:

And finally a touch of spice
To make my body slim and nice.

Stir the mixture and hold the cup above your head with both hands. Say aloud:

With this potion that I drink,
I’ll lose the weight that I think.
I need to lose and then some more
This magic potion born of war.

Drink the contents of the glass.

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what are some good voodoo spell or potion to increase your sexual attraction?

I am looking for a spell or potion to make my energy/ aura more sexual attractive to others. I would consider myself attractive already, both physically and personality wise (every guy at my job has asked for my number and alot of people like me) But i want my attractivness to be more potent. Are there any voodoo experts with ideas? What are the adverse affects?
thanks mirandrox I think I’ll try that.
thanks mirandrox I think I’ll try that.

There is actually an oil available called “Adam&Eve” oil. There’s also one called “Bring my love to me” as well. Check Luckymojo.com, Mandrakeapothecary.com, also Conjouroils.com and Blackphoenixalchemylab.com. All specialize in custom made oils and incenses.

Be prepared to deal with EVERYONE’S attention, this includes people who attentions you may not want. You don’t get to decide who gets hooked, all within range will be affected.

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