Spell Moon

by admin on July 5, 2010

Spell Moon

Spell Moon

Sagittarius men are born under the star sign of Sagittarius between the period of November 22nd to December 21st.

Sagittarius men love life, adventure and mostly they love freedom. They are notoriously difficult to attract to anything more than a one night stand. Because of this you will need to be incredibly clever and cunning to attract him. The very best way to do this is by casting an Attraction Spell.

Now to make absolutely sure any Attraction Spell manifests correctly and safely you will need some awareness of Spell casting and magical correspondences. Along with this you will also need a strong will and pure intent.

Magical Correspondences

Things that contain similar vibrational energies and are associated with each other are named magical correspondences. They can be items, ingredients and substances that have a natural affinity to each other. Magical correspondences include flowers, crystals, colours, times of the day, days of the week, colours, herbs, oils, moon phases, star signs, Tarot cards, etc.

Now, by choosing the correct magical correspondences that are associated with the Zodiac sign of Sagittarius you are well on your way to finding Attraction Spells that work.

Magical correspondences for Sagittarius include:

  • The colour orange
  • The planet Jupiter
  • The element of fire
  • The crystal carnelian
  • The day Thursday
  • The herb sage
  • The Tarot card Wheel of Fortune
  • The essential oil cinnamon
  • The flower narcissus

Now, try to use some or all of these Magical correspondences in any Attraction Spell to attract a Sagittarius man.

Attraction Spells that work

Now, to ensure that an Attraction Spell manifests safely with harm to none your intent, focus and will needs to be sincere and genuine. You need to be certain and positive in your own mind that you do in fact want to attract the Aquarius man you have your eye on before even contemplating an such a powerful Spell of Attraction.

If you are utterly convinced that you truly want to attract him, without any doubts then proceed and cast an Attraction Spell. You’ll have plenty of choice of Attraction Spells to choose from on the internet- some might say too may – but do make sure you use the matching magical correspondences. Alternatively you can commission an expert Spell caster or experienced Witch to assist you.

Don’t waste another minute just wishing and hoping that he will notice you, be attracted to and want to form a loving, passionate and exclusive relationship with you. Take action NOW!

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AMV – Samurai Champloo – Spell of the Full Moon

what day and what moon are you supposed a beauty spell on?

this spell involves cutouts,moonlight and a mirror….

Beauty spells are best done on Fridays (in my personal book) so this comming friday March 20th should be perfect. I will mention that the moon will be waning and i know some people rather stick to the moon. Personally I pay close attention to it but I would still do it. Especially because it’s the first day of the spring equinox and it is when spring will be growing. So in a way the missing energy from a waxing moon will be replaced by a waxing spring. 😀

Unless you feel it very important that the moon be waxing then You’ll have to wait until the 27th of march to get a waxing moon.

If you’re uncertain then do both! ^_^ its not going to do any harm to do the same ritual twice.

Blessed ritual!
Shadow Storm

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