Silver Ring

by admin on April 6, 2007

Silver Ring

Silver Ring

Discover Silver Rings

Since before, rings are the most popular jewelry used to accessorized ones self for most of the jewelry enthusiast. These rings are mostly made of silver. Silver rings are common because of its affordability.   They can even be a great and affordable gifts for love ones or friends. Silver rings have become a part of fashion for the general public compared  with gold rings. It is also one type of jewelry which anyone could afford to purchase and lose without much regret.

It was in seventeenth century when silver rings became more notable to be used as wedding rings  in England, as well as, in France. It symbolizes faith and hope. Rings are most commonly worn  on the left side of the third finger from the thumb. Its because, people believe that the vein on that certain finger directly goes through the heart.

Silver rings are at the same time used as a wedding rings, the plain wedding rings are the most common. It is commonly recognize as a symbol or pledge of the joining of man and woman as a couple. As it shape shows, the ring has no ending as well as no beginning. Likewise,  life has no ending and no beginning, it will return to itself. With the hole at the center symbolizes as a gateway that will lead to both person to the things that are unknown and known to them which will bring them to all the pains and happiness in this world. This is just a belief that most people believe. Ring is a sign of eternity.

There are some people who enjoys wearing silver rings in a large number but for some they find it awkward but still it depends on the person’s choice. It can even be combined with precious stones. Regardless, of the number of rings on your finger still you want to match it with your style. For some silver rings most especially the plain rings and the exotic ones are being used as a symbol for a group of people such as for rappers and band singers even for best friends, they used it as a sign of pledge of so called friendship. It can be a commemorative symbol for accomplishment for  such person such as graduation ring, high school class ring and for other group organization. These rings are set with sterling silver. Even for some models it is their source to make their selves shine and at the same time make them versatile on their photo shoots.

There are many reasons why a person may exhibit this preferences and choose silver rings to reflect that preference. Most of people prefers to wear silver rings over gold rings because of the personal fashion that a person feels that the color of silver complements with any colors in terms of outfit or in skin color as well as in any types of outfit.  Silver rings is a cheaper alternative for golds and diamonds without compromising the quality of the ring. Not all of us can afford to spare a gold.

Thus, silver ring and other silver jewelry are bound to stay because of the public benefits they have.

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I just made a silver ring. What is the best finish to put on it? How?

I just made a silver ring for my girlfriend. Should I polish and shine it to a mirror-like finish? Or should I leave it in a smooth, semi-matte finish?

Also, what is the best way to polish it up should I decide to make it mirror-like? I’ve used steel wool to make it smooth, but I was wondering if there was anything more fine I could use.

Any help would be great. Thanks!

have a look on a jeweller supply site, they list all sort of polishing rouge. You will have to have a polishing wheel and go through different sorts of rouge, rough to fine.

If you girlfriend is into bling, glitzer, sparkly shiny things, I would go for the mirror-like finish. If she is more of a classy, no fuss, industrial design gal, I would go for the matte finish. You could also go for a hammered finish, something like this[]=tags&includes[]=title, it’s sort of inbetween and you don’t need all the polishing gear.

Honestly, I think it’s great that you make something yourself for your girlfriend instead of just going out an buying something. I am sure she will love the ring no matter what the finish.

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