Relationship Psychic

by admin on September 14, 2006

Relationship Psychic

Relationship Psychic

What Can A Psychic Do For Me? Three Psychic Abilities You Should Be Aware Of

Who else wants to know what a psychic can do for you? Are you thinking about getting a reading…..but aren’t quite sure what the upside is? Or are you simply just curious what sorts of skills psychics have, and how those unusual abilities can benefit YOUR life?

I’ve got to say, in my 2 decades of interest into psychic phenomena, I’ve had my share of amazing experiences. I’ve seen my share of unbelievable things… and witnessed some pretty “unbelievable” abilities first hand. And while not all psychics are equally gifted, the following 3 abilities are reasonably common in professional intuitive’s and need to be seen up close to truly believe! (and can be very helpful in our lives as well)

Special Ability #1: Psychic Mediumship

More or less, this is the broad category of psychic ability that transcends THIS world and starts moving into the next one..:-) Contacting relatives who have passed on, holding conversation with loved ones on the other side and simply serving as a conduit between the very thin sheen that separates “worlds” is an incredible experience that helps validate that life continues AFTER death… and that our loved ones are never far. As a matter of fact, my own journey into this world started as a result of a reading with a medium many years ago that was SO good… that I literally walked out with my jaw on the floor! (I had been a hardcore “skeptic” before this… and while I had psychic experiences in the past, I never believed in an afterlife until this PROVED it must be true..:-)

Special Ability #2: Relationship Psychics

The truth? “Love” psychic readings are the most popular reason many of us see an intuitive, clairvoyant or emotional sensitive. More than 1 million telephone readings will be done in 2010 and experts say that well over half will be for people looking for love! The truth? Many psychics have SUCH an amazing record of helping people find their soul mates that no matter what the skeptics say, the results speak for themselves.

Special Ability #3: General Life Psychic Advice

Many of the most famous celebrities in the world regularly seek psychic guidance and advice, and attribute LOTS of their professional (and personal) success to this style advice. Did you know, for example….that Hillary Clinton used to have a psychic “channel” first lady Eleanor Roosevelt in the White House for advice? It’s true…and until the press and media got hold of the story and made it look silly, Mrs. Clinton (now Secretary of State, Clinton..:-) claimed to get LOTS of psychic “advice” from the information that she was given, psychically… from Roosevelt. (much like a guardian angel)

In the end…the truth is quite simple

There are LOTS of ways that a psychic can benefit your life. A gifted intuitive can truly advice you in just about ANY area of your life you need a lift….from love, life decisions to EVEN what happens to us (and our loved ones) when we cross over to the other side!

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The bottom line?

A REAL Psychic Reading is truly the MOST fun, liberating and life changing experience you can imagine.

Just about ANYONE can have one…and if you follow the tips above, so too can you! (and believe me when I tell you, life will NEVER look the same once you have)

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Psychic Relationship Predictions – Comedy Time

I need psychic advise. I have to know if I should attempt a relationship with a certain person.?

There are three prospects – one that works in the crminal justice system, one that is a fireman and one in the medical field? I am tired of failing with realtionships Please serious answers and I really need help

The fireman is the right choice.

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