Reading Spirit

by admin on March 2, 2003

Reading Spirit

Reading Spirit

Psychic Readings: the Voice of the Silence

Psychic can mean many different things to many people, when the word is mentioned, and then people have many different perceptions within their imaginations of a person who claims to be a psychic. Some think they are god gifted where others think they see dead people, and some people think psychic is people who can see the future. The modern word psychic originates from Greek meaning of the soul. Although this is a modern word, psychics have always been around. In eastern parts of the world psychics are labeled as see ers.

When we try to understand what a psychic is or how he or she is able to do psychic readings, we need to draw a direct link between psychic ability is to attune to spiritual realms. As we mentioned earlier psychic in fact is a matter that concern the soul – spirit side of life. This also brings up another debate as to, what is soul/spirit. The answer to this may also vary depending on your personal beliefs. Let’s say you are a faithful person, then the meaning of the soul maybe; it is a spiritual form that exists within you, and is of God – Creator origin. Or perhaps if you are spiritual then it is your true essence, vital force that governs the universe at large which you are also part of this universal spirit. Therefore our souls our spirit takes shape and exists in spiritual form.

Psychic is a person who has an psychic ability and experience to attune themselves to this spiritual dimensions, where the vibrations of these spiritual realms can be felt and from this silent communication to this spiritual dimensions they are able to see hear sense messages, and through the wisdom and experience of their hearts they are then able to interpret these spiritual guidance back to the enquirer. Psychics can attain to this silent ethereal realm by means of either meditation, or trance like state or more advanced psychics can do so at will. Seekers of psychic answers do so for many reasons, as we have always been fascinated to know events or situations before they actually happened. Genuine psychics can predict also anticipate future events for the one enquirer. These spiritually attuned souls spend many years studying spiritual teachings also testing the borders and boundaries of these spiritual dimensions which co exist with our normally seen world.

Psychics have provided much positive life changing information to thousands upon thousands of people from all walks of life and from all parts of the world. Yet just like any field, this field of metaphysics is the target of some malicious characters, as psychic related fields have never been regulated or policed. This allows those hostile characters to pop up every now and then. But a genuine psychic will prove themselves over time and those fake psychics fortunately fade out of equation.

History of see ers are quite fascinating to spiritually minded people, some imagine they are God gifted to be able to attain such awareness, yet in truth they are ordinary souls (all souls are pure in their true nature) who simply choose to walk the psychic path; which is the path of their souls within, to silently tune themselves just like a radio to receive messages of purest realms. Psychic readings are done to guide and answer spiritual people to most calm and positive oceans. Perhaps you may like to try genuine psychic readings soon.

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