Reading Psychic

by admin on August 22, 2011

Reading Psychic

Reading Psychic

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What spiritual/psychic reading was most valuable to you?

I am looking into a spiritual/psychic reading (Tarot Card reading, palm reading or crystal ball reading). In your experience, what has been the most helpful/beneficial reading you’ve gotten? I’m a cheap college kid on a budget : )

Thank you!

It doesn’t matter so much the method. It’s more the quality of the reader. Don’t pay high prices. Don’t let them tell you you have a “curse” on you or a “dark spot in your aura” that they can cleanse for you, these are just methods of getting you on the hook.
Look for inexpensive readers who have experience and who you, personally, feel you can trust and be comfortable around. If you get nervous or a bad feeling or uncomfortable around the reader, decline the reading. As far as methods go, pick one that seems to make the most sense to you.
I’m partial to tarot cards myself as they combine intuition and visionary techniques with a historied tradition of useful symbolism.

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