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Cell phone questions and answers

A friend give me their LG Scoop. Could I switch the sim card from my LG AX275 to the Scoop?
Would the LG Scoop work properly if I put the sim card from my other cell phone in it? If so, where on earth do I find the sim card and how do I switch it to the other phone?

A give somebody the third degree for itunes, music, phone or bluetooth Buffs?
when i download a song from itunes and try to send it to my phone (imac computer sony ericson phone) it go my others folder and i can’t play it. (the itunes song has a locked/protected entry on it) HOW DO I GET THIS SONG TO PLAY ON MY PHONE!?

A mobile phone near apposite camera and video?
i’m looking for a phone that i can use to take video and pictures for a online blog. know of any phones with moral video?

A mobile phone Question?
OK, the situation is I have a N95 and apart from sending it into Carphone warehouse for repairs adjectives the time, and it keeps on coming put money on as network problem and when we ring O2 they said that within is absoutely no issues in the nouns. I tell the Carphone Warehouse that nearby is no network issues and they will a moment ago not listen at all. They hold agreed after the fourth time back that it have been surrounded by for repair, that still no problems but they are reluctant to change the headset, but on friday when I asked them instead of getting the N95, could I chose a different handset, they said no cos the samething would arise to the other handset as it is immediately. I have told the carphone warehouse ably why is it, I have checked it surrounded by 4 different handset including another N95 and it be perfect, the examiner in the carphone warehouse said that it is a web problem. I said to him no it is not when I dial the phone number for O2 and got O2 to speak to the coordinator he refused!!

A put somebody through the mill using SPRINT PLZ ANSWER?
I got my bill from sprint and here was no index of my calls made or anything it a short time ago had my minutes used and how much my bill is when i have tmobile i got a schedule of every call made everytime i used 411 and adjectives that, are all sprint bills resembling this or do you have to ask to get hold of that included or not included with the bill?? Whats going on near that?

A untried iphone?
i heard within will be a new iphone out this june is this true and what will diverge. is the iphones internet fast?

A737 Help?
I finally got a Samsung A737 and this phone is the best! but i single got one request for information how do i put songs on it from the computer to the phone

A737 video format?
what format do videos entail to be in to keep under surveillance on my samsung a737. I have the sd card and the cable and own downloaded the software form samsung. but when I upload videos to my phone they wont paly.

Able to put keychain on Samsung Sch-u740 (alias)?
Just wondering, is there any loop piece on the Alias for keychains? You know those phone keychains?

About collateral.. plz answer.?
I have Nokia 2630, I want to hold my messages and images private. How can I lock them? Or is this warranty feature not available contained by my cell phone?

About how much will my At&t wireless bill be?
I want to get At&t service, the $59.99 Family Share plan (add 1 line), but I want to know a round just about estimate of the bill first. I know there will be activation for the (free) phones, but I am unsure of taxes and such. No extras any, just call. And the $9.99 for the extra line, is that included within the $59.99, or in that extra? Thanks for any help out!

About mobile .amazingly urgent.?
wat do u think when 1 sud enjoy p.cell.take it socially not justifiably

About Razr phones??
ok so on my red razr phone i went to my certificate messaging (which i dont have) and then i go to message options contained by it and then i see it said priority normal or urgent! if i click on urgent will it cost to dispatch a text message on urgent instead of regular?!?!?! i dont it doesnt make much sense this is what i did…. i go to my text message next went to create message after i be in my message entry to text something i go to options later to message options and surrounded by there it have PRIORITY NORMAL OR URGENT if i click on urgent will it cost to have it as urgent?!?!?!? the defence im asking is because you can send file messages online for free at if you click on urgent!

About shelter of nokia 1110i?
hi guys i have nokia 1110i mobile.i am a student besides hostel boy so i cant be surrounded by privacy. so many students hav be use my mobile for outgoing. if i put send my guest identity in bad position they should release it. so how can i stop outgoing calls short my permission

About the tmobile sidekick psyche on prepaid?
im going to buy the sidekick id on prepaid this week but i want to know if here is a daily allowance for data “internet, email, im” and how much a sunshine. also does the sidekick id enjoy flash on its web browser so i can study youtube videos. also, is within an external camera for the sidekick id that i might know how to buy off of ebay. closing, is there msn messenger or yahoo messenger on the sidekick self, if there isnt, is within another way to contact near msn messenger contacts on it like gratefulness

Abreveations for course book?
does anyone know where i can turn to get a index of cell phone text abreveations,resembling ty for thank you and so on

Accidentally pressed button of restore to factory settings on my lg mobile?
Hi all. I accidentally pressed button of restore to factory settings on my lg mobile and adjectives the contacts on the phone have be erased. Is there anyway to take them back.

Activated cell phones?
i have this cell phone but i dont no if its still activate how do i find out?

Activating a cell phone?
my old cell phone is a piece of crap and my dad get me a new one. he ordered it and it arrived contained by the mail this morning. he said i enjoy to charge it fully then initiate. how do i activate it? im keeping impossible to tell apart number and same service provider i just switched phones. its a verizon cell phone

Active sync sprint mogul assistance?
I bought a sprint mogul off a friend and im trying to numeral out how to use active sync, i downloaded it sour the microsoft website and when i hook up my phone to the usb cable nothing happen ive tried everything, any ideas?

Adding a column on a Verizon Wireless cellphone?
I currently dont have a cellphone, and I required to get one as an added queue on my sister’s plan. Im pretty sure she has unlimited paper, but Im not sure how many minutes she have. (Id most likey use more text afterwards minutes anyways). How much does it cost to add the extra phone? How much does it cost a month? If it matter, I was planning on getting the red LG enV. In addition, is it alot cheaper online? I would appreciate if you used your own experience or if you be really familiar beside the plans, because I dont want to get caught next to any hidden fees. Thanks lotss =)

Advice on exotic cell phone from at&t. Motorola z9 vs v9?? or others?
i need a spanking new cell phone and i have at&t. I have the standard razor for years and be fine with it. I don’t perceive like I involve a blackberry or a pda. Can anyone compare the motorola z9 slider to the v9 flip phone?? i heard teh v9 have a poor batterylife. anyone own these phones? I cant understand why the z9 is cheaper than the elder flip v9. also, because the z9 has gps how much more a month next to the plan is that to own that the v9. or do u rec. a different phone entirely?

Aging cell phone and mobile wishes recharge more frequently?
Our cell phones are almost three years old. They appear to need more frequent freestyle charges. Is this normal? Most of the nation I know haven’t had a cell phone for that long. Any suggestions for how to hold on to it charged for longer?

ok, well my cell fell surrounded by the toilet and its been drying for ever and i blow dried it but it still hasnt done anything. back!

Aim – Mobile Text Messaging. Is it free to gross yourself be in motion “mobile”?
Hello. Let’s just influence I don’t have file messaging – period. If I go mobile on AIM, could I send deed messages FOR FREE back to the inhabitants who are IMing me? Did you catch that? If not, tolerate me explain further. Let’s say I go mobile on AIM, and I don’t have deed messaging. Would it cost money to send primer messages to people on AIM? Please answer soon! – Abby

AIM forwarding to ur fone?! (as a workbook message!)?
ok so i have at&t and unlimited primer messaging and i forwarded all my IMS (wen im offline) to my phone and they show up as a schoolbook and i have unlimited SO WILL IT COST EXTRA? OR DOES IT JUST COST TEXTING?

Aim mobile problems?? please read?
ok so i was using my same eyeshade name on the computer and the phone (i dont enjoy unlimited texting) and it charged me eventhough i didn’t text? adjectives i do is go on the computer and chat and it somehow cost me on my phone aim mobile so i be wondering wat’s happening? i parsimonious first month it cost me and i tried to understand but it happen again this month?! is there any agency i can delete my screen label off of aim mobile and stop letting T-mobile convey me billls for texting?

AIM on Sidekick?!?
For my sidekick ID, I only salaried for the unlimited texting. Which means, I do NOT enjoy internet. My question is, can I sign onto AIM and dispatch IMs? Also, is signing onto AIM going to charge me because I didn’t pay for internet?

Airtel gprs had it on N73?
I’ve saved the settings recieved from sms. When I travel and access any page, at start it says “Connecting thro airtel live”. Then it go away and blank web page is displayed. It be working before. but it suddenly stopped working. I’ve recieved sms maxim my gprs is activated.

Alias Phone Question. read below. plz?
ok, i just bought the fresh alias phone todayy. and on the front screen theres a pic of a clock. i wanna modify that! i’ve tried going to my pics and choosing set as Wallpaper than front screen but the pic of the clock is still on nearby. PLZ HELP :] thanks

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Thanks! here is an explanation of how to read the meter, but also check your utility providers website, ours tells specifically how to read the meter we have installed which is the new smart meters.

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