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by admin on February 1, 2004

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Male Yeast Infection Questions-Answered

What is yeast and how do they affect our lives?

Male Yeast Infection Questions Answered Today.

When it happens more than often, you might have an imbalance within your system and there is a definite way to cure this.

Three types of yeast infection are:”The Itchers” “The Turf Fighters” and “the killers”

Affecting the males, it is characterized by itching and irritation of the genitals and other mucous membranes which give a yeasty-smelling discharge.

The Turf Fighters

This kind of infection is characterized by lack of energy, aching muscles and joints, indigestion, foggy brain, lack of concentration, feeling of depression and mood swing. A male yeast infection is a type of medical condition that is caused by the yeast spores.

Click on the link at the bottom for the complete guide to killing yeast

Facts about the male yeast infection have been clearly discussed.

The fatal “killers”

It is hard to get, but very serious so it is important to get it checked out immediately if some of the symptoms appear.

Is there a male yeast infection?

When your immune system breaks down by constant introduction of mold in your body or the good bacteria are weakened, the body begins to experience those symptoms. In most males, yeast infection is dormant in the penis due to its temperature of around 77 degrees. Cold and other infections are cleared up by antibiotics but antibiotics also kill the good bacteria. Although there are around 70 trillion good bacteria in the digestive system but when they are killed off by the yeast infection, the immune system becomes weak so the infection spreads to other parts of the body. The tip of the penis is itchy, sore and irritable, red patches and blisters appear on the surface.

Most antibiotics contribute to the growth of candida by killing the good bacteria from over acidity they produce in the intestine. It is preferable to wear cotton over polyester since the latter’s material gives poor ventilation. Most often the good bacteria ratio in your digestive system becomes unbalanced, allowing yeast fungi to thrive and spread to other parts of the body.

Some cures and treatments

OTC medicines can be used to help relieve itchiness and burning feelings until yeast infection is cured. Apply the antifungal cream, powder or spray directly. The condition will not improve until the underlying medical condition is addressed.

Learn about the cure and treatment of yeast infection

FDA approves oral drug that cures yeast infection without doctor’s prescription. Some male with infection might need to go to the doctor for a prescription of Diflucan or Nizal.

Natural cures that you need to learn how to apply

Apply on the infected area until it dries. Violet is a natural, non-toxic liquid that treats skin irritation, applicable even inside the mouth. So are your Male Yeast Infection Questions satisfied?

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Male Yeast Infection Questions

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