Psychic Power

by admin on October 26, 2010

Psychic Power

Psychic Power

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How can you improve your psychic power?

l have found more psychic phenomena, happening to me as l go through this life by, being true to myself in speaking truth, loving those who are less fortunate and everybody and focusing on the space within [like your third eye]
The third eye, is a physic connection between your mind and other levels of understanding/reality. It comes to me as a spinning translucent disk in the middle of my forehead. If l blink when it’s happening rapidly, it increases for a few seconds. It has become so strong once, l consciously astral traveled out my body into the sky and clouds once. Plus, another time,l went astral flying over a desert in Africa till l came to a giant [2km wide] golden dome, which l later read was a special place of learning.[shambala]
I don’t think you can switch on special powers unless you work on everything in your life to become more true out of love for life itself and not self.
Don’t worry, it will find you when you are ready to tune in to it,. Happens mostly, when l am most open and can feel the difference in energy from it and my regular thoughts. It’s always a leap of faith and awareness. Happens by itself and then l have to recognize it as such.
You can try testing your intuition, but l find that to be playing with my ego, and that never worked for me. Hope you find more of what your looking for Vac.

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