Psychic Angel

by admin on February 20, 2004

Psychic Angel

Psychic Angel

The Process of Healing With Guardian Angel Energy

In our busy schedules and everyday lives, we sometimes neglect our health and spiritual well being. This is sometimes inevitable. After all, we do live in a culture that believes that more is good. So in our endless pursuit of more and more, we constantly create more problems for ourselves. We keep ourselves very busy on a daily basis, and yet we feel empty. Something seems to be missing. So we go out and do even more, hoping that whatever we are doing can help fill that emptiness. However, soon we realize that doing more doesn’t work. In fact, it just keeps getting worse. Why is this?

The feeling gets worse because we fail to look at the very root of what causes the feeling of emptiness. Our being is made up of mind, body, and soul. When we go to work, buy food and feed ourselves, we are feeding our mind and our body. Our basic survival instincts say we must do so. So we work without question. As human beings, we must eat.

But after a while, the bank account starts to grow, and we know that we are well fed. So now we look to improve on our lifestyle. We get bigger houses, fast cars, more shoes and clothes, and so on. For a while, things are good. Perhaps at this time, a nagging feeling starts to grow. Something doesn’t feel right. Not knowing what it is, we ignore those feelings, hoping that it will go away by itself. And we continue acquiring more material items, again hoping that the more we acquire, the more we can fill the void.

Unfortunately, after countless hours of work and shopping, we find that this does not work. That is because we are still essentially feeding our mind and body with material objects. The truth is, we have forgotten our soul. Do we have a soul? Do animals have souls? The next time you see an animal, look into their eyes and ask yourself whether there is a soul in that physical body.

So the soul, like the other two parts of our being, needs to be fed as well. But the soul does not need physical items and objects. When you realize this, this is the exact moment where healing can begin.

There are many different ways to begin the healing process. The most well known way is through meditation. You may want to enlist the help of spiritual masters. These are people who are highly spiritual, and some may even be what some people call psychic. Being psychic means they can communicate with beings that do not seem to exist in our physical plane. These beings include angels and spirit guides.

Angels are spiritual beings who are here to protect us and help us heal. Not everyone is fortunate enough to be able to see them. However, you can always feel the presence of a guardian angel. One way to do this is to meditate and focus your attention on a spiritual object, like the painting of an angel.

Through your meditation efforts, positive energy from these angels can be channeled through your body. Over a few sessions, you will feel calm and joyful. You know that the healing process is already working its magic.

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