Powerful Money Spell

by admin on September 3, 2011

Powerful Money Spell

Powerful Money Spell

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Which Shadowrun class for the Sega/Nintendo is best for combat?

I’m having trouble deciding which class to play. I like to do corp and combat type of runs. I know the Decker is more for cyberspace but could that be useful in the big Corp runs for alarms and hacking? The shaman has powerful spells and can fry most guards in 1 or 2 shots of flame blast rank 5 but is iffy to use essence. The samurai has alot of options for combat. I don’t know which is better. *note I Don’t wanna beat the game right now, i just want to run around and build money and stats*

I don’t think Sega and Nintendo had the same version of ShadowRun.I’d go with the Samurai though since I love them.

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