Phone Reading

by admin on March 6, 2010

Phone Reading

Phone Reading

Psychic Phone Readings – Two Reasons Why We Prefer Psychic Readings by Phone

Are you considering a phone psychic reading, but not quite sure how it could work? Having a hard time wrapping your brain around the concept of how someone on a TELEPHONE, miles away can truly offer you the sort of intuitive insight that you need? If you are anything like I used to be, you probably have a difficult time understanding how psychic abilities can work over the phone!

I actually was quite dismissive of the notion that this was “real” for quite a while…and it wasn’t until I learned a bit, and had my OWN experiences with phone psychic readings, that I not only became a big believer……it’s actually now my preferred method of getting a reading. (and the #1 way I advise those who enjoy our articles to pursue as well)

What I’ve learned about phone psychic readings both personally, and professionally is this……

They tend to be more reliable than readings done “in person” for a whole host of reasons. First of all, the “cold reading” tendencies are diminished considerably. There is no body language to read. There aren’t facial inflections or reactions to read.

Your appearance can’t prejudice, or persuade a reader to go in a particular direction, or follow a particular path. In general, face to face readings may FEEL more intimate, or accurate….but they are far more easily influenced by factors that neither you OR the psychic can control! (including unconscious personality or simple human reactions that are NOT overt…..but happen below the surface for ALL people, psychic and NOT psychic alike)

I’ve also learned, surprisingly that…..

Psychic readings by telephone are actually FAR more scientifically reliable. Tests done of psychic mediumship, for example, done at places like the famous Windbridge Institute, or even those conducted on famous mediums at the University of Arizona by Harvard doctor and author Gary Schwartz (which later were featured on the HBO documentary the “Afterlife Experiments”) demonstrated that the BEST readings, from an accuracy standpoint, were actually those done on the phone.

Famous psychics, mediums and clairvoyants of ALL types seem to feel their BEST work is often done blind…..

Or with the phone as a filter. And if you look at the feedback that many of the more popular networks have received, it’s no surprise that they have become so increasingly popular. The truth is, in my own experience, there is a freedom, a comfort, and an energetic bond that is built between 2 people on the phone, during a reading…that is simply a bit harder to achieve when you are looking at someone face to face. And while I’ve had my share of amazing readings done both in person, and by phone alike….from a cost, convenience and comfort standpoint, I actually PREFER a telephone psychic reading over all other formats. (and if you are passionate about this field….I’m guessing you will too!)

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