More Sex Spell

by admin on December 3, 2009

More Sex Spell

More Sex Spell

How Important is Sex During a Relationship?

This must be one of those big questions that men and women ask themselves when they run into a person they really fancy, but who has a somewhat different view on how the whole bedroom thing should unfold? Some people need sex very often, while others have different priorities.

The idea that this frequent need is restricted to men is a myth. Many women feel the same need for physical release and go about finding pleasure the same way men do. Nevertheless, a relationship is more than just sex, which brings us back to the same question.

And the first thing to do while looking for the answer is to realise that the importance of sex is directly dependent on quality. Every couple tends to maximize the good points of the relationship and to gloss over the bad ones. Therefore, if sex is truly good for both partners, it will also play a huge role in the relationship.

On the other hand, poor-quality sex or sex that feels good only for one partner is not something that gets a lot of encouragement. Every couple has to deal with the differences between two unique individuals and the bed is the very place where differences could not be any more obvious.

If you don’t express real emotion and love for your partner, then sex is simply useless. It becomes sort of a ritual that means nothing at all. The feeling of enjoying this wonderful intimacy and the pleasure both partners have in being together are the foundation of the physical act. When work, kids or other things get in the way, you can still make time to share a loving moment together.

The right kind of sex can be the most enjoyable experience of your life. This is why it is vital for both partners to feel the same honest and passionate love for each other and the same wish to give and take pleasure at the same time. And this is especially true for married couples, which are usually more at risk.

For some obscure reason that people are still struggling to understand, marriage is in many cases a passion killer. Couples who used to have sex almost every day (and twice on Sundays), suddenly see all the fire going out of their relationship. This is something you’ll have to fight against, because when the fire goes out divorce and pain are about to get in.

Partners can go through dry spells; nothing new about that. The libido takes a dive and all of a sudden the need for physical intimacy is gone. But that doesn’t mean that emotional intimacy should suffer as well. Partners should learn to understand these dry spells for what they are and to avoid panicking over them.

And the libido can always return if one decides to spice things up a bit. If plain sex isn’t working anymore, try sexy lingerie. Try fantasies and role playing. Learn new positions and new ways of having sex. Start dating again like you used to before marriage. Changing something in your lifestyle may be a very good way of kick starting the passion back into action.

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what if you had oral sex, then a week later got tested and kissed her afterward? should you get tested again.?

i met a girl about a month ago, we made out a lot. then about 2 weeks ago we had oral and actual sex. a week later i had some burning and got tested and given zithromacyn (not spelled correctly) and told not to have sex for two weeks. a week after getting tested we met again and made out a little but nothing more. i still havent gotten my tests back, but should i get tested again afterward in case i got an std?

wait you never know and if for some reason you do have something let her know maybe she doesn’t know she’s infected with something

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