Mind Control

by admin on November 21, 2007

Mind Control

Mind Control

Mind Control Tricks: 3 Simple Mind Control Tricks to Persuade Anyone

What exactly are mind control tricks? Well, these are ways you can help persuade, convince and get people to think a certain way by using subtle movements or saying certain words.

Don’t be misguided though. Mind control tricks don’t have anything to do with magic although they produce astonishing results. These can be used to further advance your interests in business or in your personal life. If you want to know some of these techniques, read on!

Mind Control Tricks # 1: Reverse Psychology

Reverse psychology is one of the oldest mind control techniques in the book. You can use it practically in any situation.

Reverse psychology means saying or doing something contrary to what you really want to happen, and then waiting for the other person to take the bait and oppose you, thus making them say or do exactly what you want to.

Mind Control Tricks # 2: Call A Friend

If you want to persuade someone to do something or agree to your idea, you can always call a friend or someone who’s more credible to support you.

People are programmed to think that popular opinion is more or less the right opinion. So if you want your friend to join you on an activity and they’re a little hesitant, you can get other friends to back you up.

Mind Control Tricks # 3: Always Be Positive

People tend to react negatively when you use negative words like “cannot” or “do not.” In order to subtly persuade people to see things your way, focus on the more positive points of your case and use more words like “can.” In this day and age, people want to hear more positive things.

Mind control tricks are not at all unethical and people who use them aren’t immoral. They just know the way the mind works and use this knowledge to the best of their advantage.

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Is there a way to control someones mind without using hypnosis or brainwashing?

I’m doing research on mind control and I’ve need a way besides hypnosis or brainwashing. As in controlling ones mind I mean make them think differently for example, making someone go from hating cats to adoring cats. Thanks 🙂

There is conditioning- basically you award some behaviour, and punish unfavourable behavour
brain probes- by electracuting certain parts of the brain, you can physically move a body (or cause them not to move)- see brain pace maker =P

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