Love Romance

by admin on March 15, 2010

Love Romance

Love Romance

Love & Romance books: Good Books to Read Anytime

The topic of love has been one on which large number of fictional works have been written. Well known authors like John Shore, Arthur Golden, Audrey Niffenegger have written many wonderful books on this topic and some of the latest love books that they have been written have been best sellers.

The act of writing works of fiction is quite a difficult one and it requires an immense amount of creativity. Moreover, when the topic or the subject on which the fictional works are written is love, then the difficulty factor is even more.

Being a writer of love & romance books, therefore, requires lots and lots of creativity. However, another requirement for being a good writer on this topic is having the capability of thinking out of the ordinary.

There are many well known writers in the world who have made a name for themselves by writing books on the topic of love and romance. The works of each and every one of these writers are extremely good and, therefore, must be read.

Writers like Arthur Golden and John Shors have written wonderful books on the topic of love. In fact, one of the love & romance books that has been written by John Shors has been ranked right on the top of a list of top 5 love & romance books that have been written. This list has been created by a well known survey website.

This particular book of John Shors is known as ‘beneath a marble sky’. The backdrop of the storyline of this book has been set in the Mughal era during the time of Shah Jahan. Hence, the title of the book actually refers to the Taj Mahal.

Although, it has been put forward by historians that the Taj Mahal was created by the aforementioned Mughal king in the 17th century, however, no one knows the truth behind the creation of this wonderful monument.

The writer of ‘Beneath a Marble Sky’ has written the story using his imagination and he has done quite a wonderful job. This book is perhaps, one of the most intriguing works of fiction that has ever been written.

Another wonderful book that has been written on the subject of love and is a work of fiction is called ‘Memoirs of a Geisha’. This book has been written by Arthur Golden who is a well known writer and has many best-sellers to his credit.

The way in which this book has been written makes a reader feel that he or she is actually reading an adaptation of a true story. This period of the second world war is the one during which the story of this book is based. It is one of the most captivating books and, therefore, should be read by everyone apart from the hard core love & romance book admirers.

The two examples of the books that have their stories based on the subject of love are two of most wonderful examples that can be given. The latter of the two examples has in fact seen a movie made out of it with the movie being quite a success. Love & romance books are, therefore, extremely interesting books that one can read.

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We just had a baby, he is now 2 months. He works all the time and I’m home with the baby. We constantly fight and never get alone time. We barely kiss, hug, cuddle, or tell each other we love each other. Any helpful tips??

1. Go to dinner in a romantic restaurant
2. Go watch a good movie
3. Slow dance to a love song
4. Play dirty games with the dice and that
5. Paint each other with edible chocolate paint
6. Light candles all over the room and make love
7. Leave notes all over the place that tells him why you love him
8. Make him supper in an apron naked
9. Have a nice bubble bath together and sip wine
10. Stay up all night talking and watch the sun come up

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