Love Relationship Spell

by admin on April 12, 2011

Love Relationship Spell

Love Relationship Spell

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Can someone assist with love spell?

I have strong feelings for a guy I work with. It’s hard for me not to think about him since I see him everyday. He is more reluctant to persue a relationship since we work together. I need help casting a love spell that will work.

I’d have to do a reading to get a full idea of what’s going on in your case, but what you describe sounds like love is only part of the problem, and some other spell like a road opener may be needed to produce good results (since if he doesn’t want to date you because you work together, it sounds like even if he loves you he still might not want to date you because of work.) Despite the fantasies about love spells making someone abandon all things in the name of love, that’s not really how they usually work — love spells don’t overcome common sense in a person. This is why love spells on celebrities don’t usually work, ’cause no spell is going to make Brad Pitt or whoever just drop what he’s doing and fly out to Boise Idaho to look for the random 15 year old that put a spell on him, that he never met and to his knowledge might not even exist.

Anyway. Back to your case and what could help. Since you can access him, sprinkling love formulas for him to touch or walk through, or using personal items of his (like a cup he drank from and discarded) can help your spell. I would suggest for you, just based on what you say, the following:

Start by doing a Road Opener spell. You can buy these as kits in various places — typing “astore wisdom international imports” into google turns a place right up that sells them, for example.
Then, use a love powder like Love Me or Come To Me to sprinkle for him around the office, in places he’ll come into contact with it. It might not work immediately, but keep sprinkling for him at least every few days, and also wear a bit of the same powder on your body.

And that’s a simple love spell right there. Good luck!

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