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Longevity Spell

Longevity Spell

Power Point Presentations: Friend or Foe

Power Point Presentations: Friend or Foe.

We must face the fact that Power Point presentations have become a routine part of daily business practices. While many have embraced the values of Power Point as a potent business tool, there are professional speakers who contend that if this tool is not effectively utilized, it confuses, distorts and even holds back the art of communication. Therefore, consider these five common mistakes that speakers can avoid when using Power Point slide shows.

“Simple Does not Mean Simpler” (Albert Einstein)

For some uncanny reason, we often forget the first rule of business which is “keep it simple”. However, when it comes to Power Point presentations, some speakers want to confuse an audience by inserting extreme animation schemes. Slides with over the top animated graphics can be simple to build; however, keep in mind, that Power Point is to communication what the microwave is to cooking. The audience has come to hear you, not merely to stare at images and words tossed onto a screen. The most effective Power Point presentations should be kept simple. Therefore, always provide charts for your audience that are easy to understand, and graphics that clearly reflect what is being said.

“The audience only pays attention as long as you know where you are going” (Philip Crosby)

One of the most prevalent and damaging mistakes Power Point users fall into in there presentation delivery is simply reading the visual presentation to their audiences. Not only is this “parrot” style presentation disrespectful to your audience, it makes even the most potentially exciting presentations as boring as watching paint dry. Power Point works best as a summary of spoken remarks rather than a complete posting on the screen. In addition, professional communication consulting groups kindly yet repeatedly remind speakers that audiences do not come to see the back of one’s head. The single most import thing to improve a speaker’s delivery is to maintain strong eye contact with those listening.

“The essential ingredient of a presentation is timing” (Unknown Author)

Another potential oversight is when the timing of a speaker’s comments overlap with the appearance of a fresh Power Point slide. This has the potential to distract the audiences’ attention away from the speaker’s words. A well-orchestrated slide show gives the audience a chance to read and digest new slides. Once the audience has had a chance to absorb what is on the slide than the speaker should follow up with remarks that broaden and amplify the information on the screen. It is interesting to note, that one slide should have no more than one point, in order to maximize the longevity of the audiences’ concentration.

“A Picture Paints A Thousand Words” (Chinese Proverb)

A picture paints a thousand words is a great rule of thumb to follow when conducting a presentation with Power Point. A striking contrast between words and graphics can be very effective in conveying a powerful message. Limiting your presentation to the graphics that Power Point offers can reduce the power of delivery. Using outside images and graphics, for variety and visual appeal can empower your speech. For example, some speakers use short humorous video clips in their presentation simply because humor can help convey messages and of course loosen up audiences. Also, a short and comical, yet to the point video can even act as an ice breaker when presented at the beginning of a presentation. Finally with regards to visuals, it is always important to remember appropriateness. Make sure you use appropriate humor that’s sure not to offend because this could have the opposite effect to your original intention.

“Excellence is in the details…” (Perry Paxton)

If you plan to give a noteworthy presentation then revision is crucial. In this stage, one should not only rework spelling, grammar and punctuation mistakes but also the audiences’ point of view. Once you have finished planning your slide show, assume you are part of the audience. By thinking this way, it will prepare you psychologically to revise with a critical eye. In a nutshell this type of mind set teaches you to be objective when reading you own work. Always be critical about your work and if possible get a friend to review your work with a fresh pair of eyes. By letting them edit ruthlessly, chances are your overall presentation will be better off for it.

The truth of the matter is- the power of a presentation is in the point, not the Power Point itself. Whichever profession you may be in, as a speaker you should not lose sight of your point in a kaleidoscope of animation schemes. In a nutshell, Power Point should not be using you; you should be using Power Point.



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